Seomra Spraoi fundraiser in Dublin


As the search for a new premises continues,Seomra Spraoi cordially invites you to an evening of musical entertainment,craic and frolics in the Lower Deck, Portobello.
Do join us!

Thinking About Anarchism: Why class matters


The concept of class is fundamental to the anarchist understanding of society. The goal of anarchist communism is to create a classless society where everyone is on an equal footing, where all have equal access to wealth and contribute to society as best they can.

Rockin' Rag Gig


Don't miss it!

Successful gig fundraiser for Dublin Shell to Sea


Just a very brief report on the Dublin Shell to Sea gig last night (Friday 29th February) – A really good turn out of eighty or so paying customers on a maggoty, windy, rain spattered night – about eight WSM members spotted by this observer! I think roughly 500 euros was made by Dublin Shell to Sea. I took no pics so yea’ll have to do with ones lifted from myspace! First up were Section 4 of the Criminal Justice act featuring Rosport Camp Veteran Bob on bass.

Interview with gifted political singer/songwriter Ciaran Murphy


Ciaran Murphy is a political singer songwriter based in Belfast who wrote the bulk of his material while a "dissident republican" prisoner between 2003 - 06. Last month an English music label pulled out of an agreed distribution deal with him due to unease at the political slant of his songs and the perceived sympathies of his small fan base. He describes himself as an 'Irish separatist' with libertarian socialist principles. Here Sean Matthews of the WSM puts questions to him on music, gigging and his political outlook. Ciaran is speaking in a personal capacity.

Radical cinema


Weekly screening from the radical cinema collective in Seomra Spraoi
meeting before screenings, come along and suggest a themed nite/screening that you'd like to see/share

Seomra Spraoi Fundraiser


Porco Dio Present
Fundraiser for the new Seomra Sprao

RAG gig


Acoustic gig and benefit, with food.

The Third History – What Happened To Captain Jack White’s papers?


“The Burning” – PDF here– is a full length play written about the circumstances surrounding the destruction Captain Jack White’s papers following his death in Broughshane, Co. Antrim in 1946. White, as many people will know, was one of the more well known figures in Irish history that identified with anarchism. The only son of British Boer War hero, Sir George Stuart White (“The Hero Of Ladysmith”), he was assured a bright future in the upper echelons of the British military until his conscience intervened and he resigned his commission.

electronic resistance!


ER gig Karma Friday - proceeds Shell to sea

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