April 2006

Report from 2006 Independent Workers Union conference


An anarchist reports from the conference of the Independent Workers Union held Saturday in Dublin. The IWU broke away from the ATGWU (another general union that admits all workers) in 2002 .

Intellectual Property in the Age of the Internet


In this transcript of an educational I gave to the 1st of May branch I attempt to briefly consider how the internet and technology have impacted on intellectual property and what our perspectives on this might be as class struggle anarchists

Constitution of the Irish Citizen Army


As agreed at a public meeting, held Liberty Hall 22 March 1914 from a draft prepared by Sean O’Casey.

The Easter Proclamation


Easter Proclamation, read by Pádraig Pearse outside the GPO, Dublin at the start of the Easter Rising, April 24 1916.

Anarchists take direct action against torture / rendition flights at Baldonnel


Sunday April 16 saw the Irish government mark the 90th anniversary of the Easter 1916 insurrection against British imperialism. Some 120,000 turned out to watch a military parade and a fly past. To coincide with the event anti-war activists, most of them anarchists, were making their way to Baldonnel airbase where the planes and helicopters involved in the fly past took off from. This airbase has been used by USA Hercules military planes and has been involved in CIA torture flights.

Socialist play in Dublin


The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist
adapted from the novel by Robert Tressell (who lived in Wexford Street!)

Celebrate May Day - Dublin anarchist picnic


The 5th annual anarchist picnic will be joining forces with the
monthly Anti-Authoritarian-Assembly for a day of outdoors food, fun, music and political discussion. (with a back up plan in case of bad weather)

1916 - Connolly, blood sacrifice and defeating British imperialism


At 11.30 in the morning of April 24 1916 Bugler William Oman, a member of a syndicalist workers militia the Irish Citizen Army (ICA), sounded the 'fall-in' outside his union headquarters. This was the start of an insurrection in Dublin which was to see around 1,500 armed men and women seize key buildings throughout the city, and to hold these positions against thousands of British Army soldiers for almost a week.  In the course of putting down the insurrection, 1351 people were killed or severely wounded and 179 buildings in the city centre were destroyed.(1)

Image: Liberty hall after the rising

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