Amadeu wins demands, hungerstrike ends - campaign continues


After a hungerstrike which lasted 76 days, the Anarchist prisoner Amadeu Casellas won his demands for the privileges he had been denied, supervised freedom under the 3rdº degree, which iwill allow him two 48 hour passes followed by work outside of prison only to return to sleep.
The reports publicised by the Catalan ministry of Justice early yesterday evening that he had abandoned his protest were finally qualified at 10pm last night by his lawyer that he had in fact won his demands & that the solidarity campaign will continue to highlight his case with protest actions today to support a visit by his mother & a parliamentary representative.
Naturally the support groups & family send thanks to the international community of anarchist groups, anarchosyndicalists, Catalan & Basque nationalists, human rights groups, prisoner solidarity networks & individuals who showed their support.

more information (catalan & castillian language) :-

statement on BCN (((i))) indymedia

La Haine

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Amadeu highlighted for us the issues which face prisoners worldwide who face repression and increased punishments simply for vocalising the abuses of the penitenciary system. He was refused the simple privileges he demanded for no worse behaviour than co-ordinating prisoner issue campaigns some of which were succesful. Instead of being rewarded by a system he played a part in changing (possibly improving) he was punished all the more.


Now more than ever it's a good idea to write to him.

Amadeu Casellas Ramón
Hospital de Terrassa, Mòdul penitenciari
Ctra. Torrebonica, s/n
C.P. 08227