Anti-Water Charges Demonstration


The next mass anti-water charges protest is on January 31st, at 2pm, in Dublin city centre. The Facebook event page can be found here.

Residents of North Dublin will meet at Connolly Station, residents of South Dublin will meet at Heuston Station, and
all will march down both sides of the quays. Those travelling from outside Dublin can meet wherever (Connolly or Heuston) is closest to them. Many local anti-water charges groups will be marching in together. Also, many local groups outside Dublin which cannot make it will be demonstrating locally.

The government are hoping that with the Water Services Bill passed we will shut up and go away. To their dismay, direct actions against water metering have continued to blaze across Ireland, often met by an enormous Garda presence. Clearly they are not so confident then.

Irish Water continues to churn out their propaganda, imploring people to register to their bloated privatisation vehicle. The bills are due on April 1st (go figure) and they are as aware as we are that it is essential to Irish Water that we pay our water bills like obedient little Irish residents.

However, a large proportion of people have resolved to boycott these unfair charges, and a significant amount are undecided. This is a critical period in the fight to abolish the water charges. We must carry our momentum and inspire each other to drive Irish Water back.

We have come too far too lose. Too much is at stake. A victory would not only mean abolishing the regressive water charges and stymying privatisation, but also the triumph of democracy, of civil disobedience by we people supposedly not fit to govern, over those who live only for money and power. We're in this to win. If you are too, be there on January 31st at 2pm.