Belfast residents take to the streets!


It seems that trigger happy Regional Development minister Conor Murphy is at it again with proposals for residents in 5 pilot areas in and around the city centre to pay a flat rate tax of £40 annually regardless of household income for the privilege of parking outside their own home despite firm opposition.

Over the last few years due to the level of traffic congestion and health/ safety concerns in relation to poor access for emergency services, residents from the Donegall Pass area and the Markets have been involved in a bit of direct action including blockades to reclaim their streets in response to continued parking from mainly ‘office workers’ who don’t live in the area.

Clearly residents have made their feelings known that they don’t need to pay this flat rate tax as they do the job quite effectively without relying on politicians and once again highlighting that elections is not the starting nor the end of point of real grassroots democracy!

In addition, hammering home the message that Conor Murphy and the Executive will have a struggle on their hands if they attempt to impose this unjust tax on top of forthcoming water charges, rise in energy prices and scapegoating residents and office workers who are not part of the problem for their lack of investment in public transport and poor city planning.

The struggle goes on!