Capitalism is the real problem


This article was first published in the Monday edition of the Andersonstown News a few weeks ago.

The dreaded IMF have now landed on our shores, thanks to the bankers, property developers and their lackeys in power.

Once again, ordinary people will bear the brunt of a new round of vicious cutbacks in jobs, wages and conditions and social services, all, we are told, in the name of the ‘national interest’ . 

The truth is we are not all in the same boat and neither do we have anything in common with the one per cent who control 34 per cent of the wealth in Ireland, or the toothless trade union bureaucrats who will no doubt call for another useless round of talks. They didn’t share the wealth so why should we share the pain? 

This is naked class war and we need to begin the fightback and increase resistance, otherwise we will be further screwed over, not to mention future generations. Some pseudo-nationalists will moan over a perceived loss in ‘national sovereignty’ and wrap themselves in a tricolour. At best this is part of the problem and at worst a distraction from the real problem which is capitalism and the fact that wealth and power is concentrated in the hands of the few.