Dub: RAG open meeting - discussion on sexism in the workplace


There will be a RAG open meeting on Monday, 7.30pm, 5th December. This facilitated discussion will look at the issue of sexism in the workplace. This event will take place in Sin É, on Ormond Quay, in the basement room.

RAG, Revolutionary Anarcha-feminist Group, are currently working on The Rag no.6 which will be out in March 2012. If you'd like to learn more about RAG, find out who we are and what we do come along. We are also looking for new members (women and women-identified). If you have any questions or comments you can get in touch ragdublin at gmail dot com. The discussion on Monday will be open to everyone - all genders!


The RAG is a magazine produced by a diverse group of anarcha-feminist women in Dublin. We are all feminists, united in our recognition that women's subordination exists. We are all anarchists, united in our belief for the need to create alternatives to this capitalistic, patriarchal society wherein all are dominated and exploited.


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