Dublin meeting - DisUnited States - Anti-fascist resistance in the Age of Trump

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You are invited to a public conversation on anti-fascist resistance with a visting long time anarchist and anti-fascist from the USA and a panel of other anarchists from the US.

Teachers Club 35 Parnell Square, Dublin
7:45 Thursday 24th August

The fight against fascism is happening now.

Across Europe, the US and elsewhere the all too familiar calls of racism, islamophobia, homophobia, sexism etc. continue to rear their ugly heads.

Nazis, white-supremacists, “Identitarians”, and other fascists are organising, becoming more emboldened to attack members of our communities and spread hate speech online, in the media and on our streets. In the US, the election of Donald Trump has been heralded as a victory by right-wing reactionaries and racists around the world.

The establishment of “Identitarian” and “Alt-right” fascism and has given a new veneer to islamophobia, anti-queer and misogyny attracting young people to the ranks of the fascist right.

This is being met with militant grassroots resistance at every turn.

On Thursday August 24th, the WSM will be joined by American Comrades to discuss the situation on the ground in the US.

We will be talking about fascism and its relationship to Trumpism, the shape of resistance, the tactics and organisation of the Anti-Fascist movement, and structural white-supremacy, supported and embedded in the institutions of the state.

Please join us in listening to and participating in this conversation.

No Pasaran! 

You can RSVP & invite friends via the Facebook event

Some readings & listenings recommended by our visiting speaker


1. Building Working-Class Defense Organizations: An Interview with the Twin Cities GDC

2. The 4th Precinct: A Black Anarchist’s Perspective on Struggle in Minneapolis’ Northside Streets

3. Social Struggle in the Coming Period: An Outlook and Action Statement to Guide Our Participation

4. Claim No Easy Victories: A History and Analysis of Anti-Racist Action

5. Militant Tactics in Anti-Fascist Organizing

Interview audio:

Interview transcript: