Facts about Asylum Seekers in Ireland


We answer the myths about Asylum Seekers in Ireland

• Asylum Seekers are not allowed work. Ireland is one of the only countries in Europe in which it is illegal for an Asylum Seeker to work. This means people are kept isolated from the local community and are dependant on the government for support

• Asylum Seekers are not on local Authority housing lists. They are housed in shared, hostel type accommodation. Many of these “centres” are located in remote regions and are often over crowded. This means, that entire families have almost no privacy and very little freedom; sometimes for a few years.

• Asylum Seekers do not get Social Welfare. Adult Asylum Seekers only get 19.10 a week while children get 9.60. This tiny amount is supposed to cover all costs, apart from food and accommodation.

• Asylum seekers do not get special treatment in the Medical System. Asylum seekers do get ordinary medical cards which are the same as all other people that receive them.

• Asylum Seekers are not allowed to attend 3rd level education. Along with the ban on working this results in many fit, hardworking and educated people being refused the opportunity to contribute to society.

• Some Asylum seekers have been in the Asylum process for over 5 years

• Many young Asylum Seekers have lived almost the whole of their lives in Ireland and yet are being faced with deportation.

This article is from The Libertarian. Issue 2 (August 2006), a newsletter for the Liberties and Portobello produced by the Workers Solidarity Movement

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