Issues of Workers Solidarity from 1999 - WS56, WS57, WS58


The issues of the Irish anarchist paper Workers Solidarity published in 1999.  These are issues 56 to 58 and were the last in the A3 8 page format.

Workers Solidarity No 56 - Spring 1999 

For starters: This is Terrorism
The US has waged war for the last ten years against the ordinary people of Iraq, not against Saddam Hussein.

Tremendous victory for anti-racism campaigners - Deportations halted
The governments pro-deportation policy has been severely dented. Members of the Anti-Racism Campaign, in the immediate pre-Christmas period, halted at least four potential deportations.

Anarchists and the Trade Unions
Trade unions were founded to defend the interests of workers, but today have become more and more dominated by an unaccountable, and often unelected, bureaucracy

Our TAX Money - Will we get a receipt?
What the Flood and McCracken and Moriarty Tribunals have revealed that politicians and business people regularly exchange massive sums of money without the slightest regard to taxation. Over 85% of tax on income is paid by PAYE workers.

Understanding the Zapatistas
The most common mistake made in viewing the Zapatistas is to treat the movement as a political party or organisation rather than a social movement.

That's Capitalism

Homelessness - Prostitution; Legalisation?
The sex industry is expanding and is said to gross millions of pounds per annum. Over the last year this has been reflected in the increasing focus in the media on prostitution.

The Anarchist Collectives in the Countryside during the Spanish Civil War
In the rural parts of the Republican zone, under the influence of CNT and FAI (Federation of Iberian Anarchists) members, collectivisation was the most far reaching.

Strikes free bricklayers from jail
On October 21st William Rogers was arrested. Dave McMahon had been arrested at dawn the same morning. Word spread and bricklayers from other sites began walking off the job

Alexander Berkman
From a young age, Alexander Berkman was an exile, and he spent almost twenty years in prison, yet when he was free, he was at the heart of every important struggle, and he was a prodigious writer.

Medical Council seeks to silence pro-choice doctors
This means that should a doctor perform an abortion under the terms of the Supreme Court decision, they could end up losing their right to practice.

Chumbawamba on Mumia Abu Jamal
Political executions are no stranger to the US. The Haymarket Martyrs, Joe Hill, Sacco and Vanzetti are just a few of the victims. Chumbawamba have written this article about death row prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Short news items
How low can they go?1,400 mentally disabled people have no suitable place to live
"Suffer the children" or "make the children suffer"?A 12-year-old US youth is set to stand trial as an adult for murder
WSM to donate to Czech anti-fascists legal defenceMichal is now charged with "attempted murder motivated by ideological conviction."
Iraq - act to end sanctionsCall from Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn and other US activists

The Socialist Party, the Anti-Racism Campaign and the anarchists
We reply to some accusations in the Socialist Party magazine 'Socialism 2000'

Hurricane Mitch
The natural disaster of Hurricane Mitch was followed almost immediately by another disaster, this time man-made. Chiquita and Dole announced the lay-off of almost their entire workforces

Workers Solidarity No57 - Summer 1999 

Marching to nowhere : Stirring Up Sectarian Hatred
It is a great tragedy that once again this July the working class population of Belfast's Lower Ormeau will be mobilising to try and stop the Orange Order from marching down their road. A tragedy because the Order should never get that far.

Stop the bombing: Stop the Ethnic cleansing
The NATO bombing of Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo sees another force brought into play against the people of the Balkans. The bombs do not damage the rotten Serbian regime (nor any of the other rotten Balkan warlords). They are targeted at the Balkan people, of whatever ethnicity. Throughout the bombing anarchists from ex-Yugoslavia have been posting reports to the internet.

For starters
News of union busting republicans and Doctors for Choice

Gardaí involved in racist persecution
Belmondo Wantete, an electrical engineer from the Congo, has lived in Ireland with his wife and young children for the last four years, and is a legal resident. Last year, on May 1st, gardaí raided his home at 3am. They shouted threats and racist abuse, and pushed a gun through his letter box.

That's capitalism
More mad new from and about our bosses

The Orange Order: An enemy of all workers
The reality of the Orange Order is that it is a counter-revolutionary institution set up and maintained to target not just Catholics but also 'disloyal' Protestants.

Tallaght Hospital: The new hospital is under attack
According to Tallaght Hospital Action Group (THAG) the hospital is being forced virtually at gun point to carry out massive cuts and sack up to 200 people

Is This As Good As It Gets?
Lets not talk about the Celtic Tiger bringing prosperity. Pay levels have stayed the same, tax rates have increased and there has been the massive increase in property prices throughout the country. A third of todays wage earners can no longer afford to buy a home of their own.

Anarchism and Democracy : To vote or not to vote?
Election time is almost upon us again. In the South local elections will take place in June. At the same time, both North and South, elections to the European Parliament will be held. Once again anarchists will be discouraging the electorate from taking part. Kevin Doyle looks at the questions involved.

Social Welfare Bill 1999: Hassling people into very low paid jobs
The Scheme Workers Alliance organises people on employment schemes to combat cutbacks and win the extension of part-time workers rights. We speak to the SWA about the upcoming Social Welfare bill.

Anarchism and the love of Freedom
"Ireland unfree will never be at peace" according to the oft quoted phrase of Padraig Pearse. But what exactly did Pearse and the republicans of 1916 mean by freedom? What do you think it means? Why does it seem to be so highly prized by anarchists.

Free Women of Spain
Conditions for the vast majority of people in Spain in the 1920s and 1930s were appalling. For women they were especially bad. In the two years before the 1936 revolution, two groups of anarchist women in Barcelona and Madrid had begun organising.

The anarchist views of Captain Jack White
Veteran of the 1913 lockout, the Irish Citizen Army, the Irish International Brigade

Obituary: Karl Kreuger
The WSM were greatly saddened to hear of the death of Dutch anarchist Karl Max Kreuger from The Hague. Karl used to sell Workers Solidarity in Holland

The news that isn't on TV
A review of Hidden Agendas by John Pilger

It's all so inevitable
The then Prime Ministers of Ireland, Greece, France, Britain, Italy, Spain and Belgium have all been associated with charges of varying degrees of fraud, nepotism and political favouritism.

Workers Solidarity No 58 - Autumn 1999

Anarchism or barbarism
What was supposed to be a safe referendum carried out under the auspices of the United Nations has led to thousands of East Timor people being gunned down in cold blood

The SDLP, the arms manufacturer and East Timor
John Hume, leader of the SDLP, welcomed plans for Raytheon, a major arms manufacturer whose clients include the Indonesian government to set up a plant in Derry.

For starters
Organise! dissolve and beating 'partnership'

That's capitalism

Abortion: the medical procedure that dare not speak its name
OVER THE SUMMER there were developments in the long struggle over women's rights to control their own bodies.

Cead Mile Failte? NOT!
The friendly Irish welcome has been replaced by the hostile, suspicious glare of the immigration official. Fortress Europe has come to Ireland with a vengeance

Ye shall be known by the friends you keep!
Fianna Fáil in alliance with racists inside and outside of the European parliament

Local Elections - bring on the dancing horses
When you take a good look at the people who are supposed to be running your local area the best lesson to walk away with is that we could do such a better job ourselves

Indonesia : The impossible revolution?
Revolution is about a large number of people coming together at the one time. The aims of a revolution are often radical and far reaching.

Globalisation: the end of the age of imperialism?
IT HAS BECOME increasingly fashionable to use the term globalisation as a description of the international economy and international political relations

A revolution they never told you about in school
25th anniversary of Portugal's revolution. It is estimated that about 380 factories self-managed and 500 co-ops were in operation by the summer of 1975

Anarchism in the Land of the Rising Sun (and falling Yen)
In Japan anarchist ideas were first popularised by Kotoku Shusui and the movement grew despite severe repression into the 1920's. [In Spanish]

Russian workers beat off armed attack on occupied factory
On July 9th 1999, eighty masked, uniformed gunmen accompanied by the local prosecutor and other officials tried to storm the Vyborg Pulp and Paper Mill, under occupation by its workers for the past eighteen months

Doing the right thing for the ruling class
SPIKE LEE, famous for his film about Black American radical Malcolm X, is often thought of as some sort of a 'radical'.

International news shorts

Review of The Dispossessed by Ursula LeGuin
THE DISPOSSESSED is a classic of science fiction, and also one of the few novels, of any description, which deals honestly and openly with anarchist ideas, and, for this reason, is one of the most oft-cited influences on anarchists today.

Irish Workers Worth Double Their Wages Says Employers' Study
IRISH WORKERS are undervalued by 50% according to an international study published earlier this year.

The more things change, the more they stay the same
George Mitchell has flown in to Belfast and begun a round of meetings with political parties in the North in a supposed "review" of the Good Friday Agreement.