New abortion rights campaign formed


Before Christmas, abortion, once again was in the Irish headlines. Once again it was a teenager who suffered because successive governments have continually avoided introducing legislation which would allow abortion in Ireland.

During the X-case the Dublin Abortion Information Campaign argued for a woman's right to choose, organising a march of 10,000 in defence of her right to travel. We campaigned during the referendums, organised information seminars and leafleted with the (then) illegal Women's Information Network phone number.

Since the last referendum, happily, our name is now out of date. Therefore we've re-launched ourselves as the Dublin Abortion Rights Group. At the end of January we are organising an information seminar on abortion legalisation in Ireland.

If you are interested in getting involved we can be contacted at P.O. Box 3327, Dublin 8 or via e-mail at

by Aileen O'Carroll

member Dublin Abortion Rights Group

This article is from Workers Solidarity No 53 published in January 1998