Dub: Queer Ball for Choice

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Celebrate International Women's Day in a deliciously queer fashion at Seomra Spraoi!

An evening of food, performance, discussion and dancing...

We'll start at 6 pm with a workshop called "Gender and Choice: Binaries, Bodies, and the State."
We'll link up pro-choice and queer politics, introducing ideas around non-binary genders as well as discussing how State intervention in our bodies affects the autonomy of queer and trans* folks as well as reproductive rights.

At 7:30 we'll enjoy an exquisite 3-course meal followed by performances around 9 pm. Former Miss Alternative Ireland Smilin' Kanker will be there to delight and amaze you with additional guests to be announced shortly.

Afterwards you can join us on the dance floor as we dance the night away...

Suggested donation is €10 - more or less as you can afford

This is a BYOB event, no glass please!

Organised by Queer Thing & Seomra Spraoi
For more information: queerthing.org or seomraspraoi.org
Contact: queerthingdublin@gmail.com


Seomra Spraoi
10 Belvidere Court
Dublin 1