'Rapid Response' call as Shell to Sea Prepare for 'Day X' in Mayo


Preparation is under way to resist unwelcome and destructive activities by Shell and Allseas LtdToday Shell to Sea activists urged its supporters around the country to prepare for a Rapid Response Day of Action at Glengad to coincide with the arrival of the pipe laying vessel the Solitaire on 'Day X'. In the call, Shell to Sea asks their supporters to be on standby to make their way to Mayo to partake in public demonstrations to show their opposition to Shell's discredited Corrib project . The group condemns the use of the Irish navy to support Shell's work in the environmentally protected Broadhaven Bay.

Spokesperson Cormac McMahon insisted that the use of excessive force by the Irish government is a response to the growing capacity of the local community to slow down work at the site, and called on a public show of support against this intimidation. "Yet again the government is happy to waste our taxes on over enthusiastic policing of its own citizens, at the beck and call of large multinationals who profit from the misery of communities.

"We are happy to act in solidarity with the local community and fishing families and aim to disrupt the unwelcome and destructive activities of Shell and the Solitaire. We call on all those who value local democracy to come to Glengad and demand that the Irish Navy Command make explicit to the community their intent and reasons for being in the Bay"

The Solitaire is one of the largest vessels in the world used for near-shore and underwater pipe laying. Its owners, Swiss based Allseas Ltd, have been involved in many controversial pipe-laying sites around the world. There has been much speculation as to whether Allseas Ltd. requested the deployment of the Navy against the local community and its supporters.

"The motives of Shell and Allseas Ltd are simply that of exploiting profiteers" continues Mc Mahon.

"Recent studies show that there are an estimated €7b of hydrocarbon fuels are off the west coast of Ireland. Corrupt politicians like Ahern just gave these resources away. Nothing for future education of our children, for investment in our health service, and nothing to help us adjust to post carbon energy needs. We refuse to stand idly by and let multinational rob our common wealth, and we call for all those who can make it to Glengad to come along"

The exact time and date of the action will be announced in the next day or so.