Raytheon 9 acquitted in Derry trial

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It was a victory for people applying common sense and cutting through capitalist bullshit. What the prosecution had feared most was the jury acquitting the 9 because they believed them when they said that they had sabotaged Raytheon's computers in order to disrupt the company's activities. These activities are supplying the world's most lethal weapons of mass destruction to the world's most human rights abusing regimes.That is why the prosecution had tried to have the case tried as a "terrorist" case, so it wouldn't be brought in front of a jury. But they failed in that, so they petitioned to have it moved from Derry to Belfast where they thought a jury would not be as sympathetic to the motivation of the nine, and more likely to believe the ideological bullshit which tries to call sabotaging computers a crime while calling the bombing of civilians legitimate business.

But it didn't work. That the jury acquitted the nine goes to show that ordinary people, when presented with all the facts in a measured and sober manner, won't buy into the spin and euphemisms spouted by the corporate PR gurus, the government and the mainstream media.

Instead they will cut through the crap and support the actions of ordinary people who decided not to wait for politicians to fulfil their empty promises, and take matters into their own hands. Who ever said that radical ideas like taking direct action don't appeal to the majority of people? This case proves that, given the chance to hear all the facts, most of us will support direct action. We say; fair play to the Raytheon 9! And fair play to the jury for acquitting them!


From Workers Solidarity 104 July August 2008