Report from the Activist Fleadh in Kilbarack

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On Saturday (14th Aug), around 60 people from different organisations, parties and community projects plus some individual activists gathered in Kilbarack community development centre for a 2 day activist workshop. The whole event was pleasantly very well organised with a lovely lunch provided.some activists at the fleadh

In the afternoon there were some practical workshops on themes of art, media, film, creative writing and Boal's Theater of the oppressed.


The Workers Solidarity Movement sent along 4 comrades to participate and contribute. The workshops were well attended and the speakers very informed and there is a genuine desire to formulate action coming from the event.  It appeared to be the first steps in bringing together various groups, community activists, political parties, organisations and campaigns to get us moving in the same direction.

Arising out of Saturday, there now is a plan for a people’s referendum on NAMA where every man, woman and child will be able to vote, and comment on the solution put forth by our great leaders who got us here.

Watch this space.

Opening Address Activist Fleadh 14th August 2010

WORDS: Costas