Solidarity Times Named in Grangegorman High Court Injunction Hearing


We've caught sight (24 March) of the documents for the High Court hearing against the Grangegorman residents tomorrow and we're surprized to see we (ie our new page Solidarity Times) get a prominent mention. It appears the lawyers concerned are so used to a completly compliant media reproducing ruling class ideology that they imagine our stance of solidarity with those they want to evict from their homes must make us the organisers of the resistance!

We'd be proud to be able to make such a claim but alas our role has simply been in reporting the often brutal attempt to evict people from their homes. We certainly are not neutral though, we stand in opposition to property developers, law firms & speculators seeking to profit from evictions and we certainly think our readers should do the same.

We are a little proud that only 10 days after coming into existence we are already getting identified as an enemy of the ruling 1% and a force to be reckoned with. But honestly that's not us but rather you, our readers, you make the stories that we report on. Your resistance has them worried and from the massive turn out for the water charges march to the successful eviction resistance to today's student occupation of the NCAD boardroom they are having a very bad week.

The Grangegorman residents have put out a call for others to stand with them tomorrow to face down the threat of eviction from 8am tomorrow morning. We will be there reporting as the day unfolds.

We will see you on the streets!