Become a WSM supporter


The work of the WSM is often limited by the resources available to us, both in terms of finance and labour. And although our members bring a wide range of knowledge and experience into the organisation for collective discussion there are also wide areas where we have much less knowledge and experience than we would want. The solution to this would be to have more members, and we are always seeking to get new people to join.

But we recognize that the time & financial commitments of WSM membership are not for everyone. And that some people who broadly agree with a lot of our work have significant differences with us in particular areas that would stop them joining. So we offer a Supporter Status for people who broadly like what we are doing but who for one reason or another can't commit to membership.

Supporters are people who
- agree with enough of our political positions & concrete activity to want to see the WSM becoming more effective.
- are willing to make a regular contributions towards the costs of our work through committing to 5, 20 or 50 euro a month.
- agree to be contacted about engaging in work with us on areas that they have indicated an interest in.

The supporter program isn't set up as some sort of reward system but because we also want access to supporters knowledge and experience supporters will
- read and contribute to WSM internal discussion online.
- be able to attend a monthly branch meeting designed to bring members & supporters together.
- can ask to attend all WSM internal meetings including National Conference.

These are the formal rights & responsibilities but beyond them we hope that the supporter status will also engage people in informal ways that will mean there is more communication and discussion than there would be otherwise. We will probably seek ways to maximize this, including looking at informal social events to get our members & supporters together.

Supporters don't have a vote at WSM meetings and don't have automatic access to all internal discussion. All members get these but members are expected to commit to a minimum number of hours of monthly activity, contribute a percentage of their income in subs and be in agreement with our basic politics as found in the join statement. If all three of these apply to you then you should become a member rather than a supporter, there is no need to spend a period as a supporter first. 

To become a supporter just enter your details into our contact system at the link below, be sure to check the 'Become a WSM supporter' box when you do so.

PDF of Become a WSM Supporter 148.8 KB