Radio report from the Toyosi's Shitabbey Solidarity Rally for Friends and Family

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People gathered at the Garden of Remberance on the 10th of April - to support the family of Toyosi Shitta-bey, a 15 year old boy who died after being attacked on Good Friday.  People were there to send out a message that racist attacks have no place in the Irish society that we want, and that this should never happen again.

In Radio Solidarity program no. 4 - we looked at the media and what role it performs creating divisions within society. 

Unfortunately, on Good Friday one of those divisions came to the nations attention and a young 15 year old boy lay slain after being attacked.

Radio Solidarity bring you this report from that march.  We start this report with some of the talk given by Toyosi's cousin.

ToyishaShittabbeyMarchReport.mp32.01 MB