X-case legislation looking like a step backwards for women's rights

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The WSM has always argued that the X-Case legislation was not enough but even so we were shocked to finally see the details of the bill Fine Gael and Labour are preparing.  We expected it to be a small but almost insignificant step foward.  Instead there is a clear danger that women with unwanted pregnancies will be worse off than before if the final bill resembles what has been presented so far.

Three of the key problems are 
- women will be forced prove they are suicidal to 3 doctors and it appears these doctors must all agree with each other or the women will have to appeal to another 3.  
- Women who choose abortion in Ireland trhought the use of pills ordered onliine will face 14 years in prison.
- there are provisions for other people to be able to take court cases to try and stop a women having an abortion 
Our position remains that any women who wishes and abortion should be able to obtain one on request as part of a free health service. 

Background reading at http://www.wsm.ie/pro-choice