European anarchists meet in Paris


Over the weekend of February 5th the Workers Solidarity Movement sent delegates to Paris for a conference of European groups involved in This multi-lingual news and analysis website is supported by 31 organisations around the world.Members of Alternative Libertaire from France, Organisation Socialiste Libertaire from Switzerland, Liberty & Solidarity from Britain, Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici from Italy, Counter Power from Norway and the WSM spent the weekend debating and agreeing a set of motions. These included proposals to improve communication between our different organisations, and to develop common understanding and strategies with regards to workplace organisation, migration & the European Union. We also informed each other of the current struggles happening in our respective countries and the development of our organisations.

At the start of the conference we presented a detailed report on the WSM and our activities. The other organisations did likewise and this, alongside the informal discussions between delegates, has greatly expanded our knowledge of the day-to-day activity of the European Anarkismo affiliates. We hope this conference becomes the first step in an ongoing process of improving co-operation and in encouraging others to get involved in Anarkismo both on the European and global level.