Leadership comes close to losing 2nd PSA ballot at INTO conference

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INTO Conference has again had a narrow vote in relation to the Public Sector deal. After another lively and angry debate, Delegates voted by 306 votes to 248 against a section of a motion which would have had the effect of postponing the ballot on the deal until the full details of any revised teachers contract were made available.

The vote will be seen as another blow to the union leadership's strategy as they had argued strongly against this section of the motion but only managed to get just over half of the delegates to support them. Meanwhile, delegates from around the country launched a campaign for a no vote at a press conference this morning. The vote when the deal is balloted on by members is expected to be very close.

Attached is a PDF of the INTO Vote No leaflet being used by the campaign.

draftdealleafletforcongress10.pdf35.51 KB