National Day Of Protest Against State Racism


Give Asylum Seekers the right to stay and work- End deportations.

Many Asylum Seekers from around Ireland face deportation by the Irish state. Last year six mass deportations along with individual deportations took place to unsafe, war torn and corrupt countries were lives are in danger. This has to STOP Michael McDowell and the government cannot be let away with this anymore.
The Immigration system is biased and corrupt, asylum seekers are forced to live under the direct provision programme which means they are forced to live on E19 per week and are forbid from working and studying. This needs to be taken out of Michael McDowell's and the Justice Departments hands and asylum seekers should be given the right to stay and work and live without fear of deportation from the state.

Asylum Seekers from such countries as Nigeria,Somalia,Congo and Afghanistan are getting deportation orders and are being refused asylum they will be there to protest against the states blatant racism and discrimination that people are facing and have faced.

Links to information where people are being deported to.




The National Day Of Protest Against State Racism and Deportations
will be starting at the Garden of Remembrance on Parnell Square East at 2pm and then will be going to the Garda National Immigration Bureau(GNIB) on Burgh Quay near Tara Street train station.

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