Solidarity Books opens its doors in Cork


Cork has a tradition of being open to alternative ideas, a tradition reflected in our name as 'the rebels' and in the history of Barracka Books and other radical bookshops which have popped up in the city over the years. Solidarity Books, though, is the first of its kind to be set up and organised by Cork anarchists.Located at 43 Douglas Street, it has a bright yellow shop front and is open Monday to Saturday from noon to 7 p.m. The space is home to an office for the Workers Solidarity Movement in the city as well as hosting campaign organising meetings, public talks, film nights and much more, for example, board games on Sundays from 5pm and a wholefoods market on Thursday afternoons.

The shop itself boasts a growing collection of socialist, anarchist and other left and class-struggle books, pamphlets and papers while it’s also home to more mainstream writings, at much better value then you'll find elsewhere. A large collection of second hand books at €2 each means you'll never know what treasures you might find while browsing around. Top quality coffee from the Zapatista communities of Mexico is also available. The store itself has a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, with couches for reading or simply lounging about with a cup of coffee or tea.

Since opening in early December the shop has been doing good business and is a focal point for grassroots organising, hosting meetings of WSM, Shell To Sea and many others. The shop is open to progressive groups as a meeting space, simply enquire in store. We are hoping the space becomes an important community tool for gathering and exchanging ideas, hosting meetings and a rallying point for democratic organising and effective direct action.