US forces kill journalists, ambulance crew, shoot children in Iraq


Al Jazerra have released this video that shows US Apache helicopters use a mini gun against a group of journalists & civilians in Iraq.  When a van arrives to evacuate the injured that is also shot up, killing the driver.  When US troops arrive on the scene the pilots laugh when they run over a body and then  when they are told that the injured include two children laugh again saying 'you shouldn't bring your children to a war.'  Except of course those they have killed were not in a war, they were walking down a street before being  gunned down from the sky without cause or warning.

The original video was released from wikileaks and makes the events clearer, it is the second of the two shown here.  The first video is hard enough to watch, in the second the chopper that fires on the men hovers for some time as an injured journalist crawls along the ground, trying to reach safety.  The gunner is heard to say 'all you need to do is pick up a weapon'.  When a van arrives to evacuate the wounded permission is given by the gunners officers (presumably at ground control) to fire on the van that despite the fact that it is obvious from the footage that they are simply trying to help the wounded journalist.  The two wounded children were found in the van, the troops on the ground were denied permission to evacuate them to a hospital and instead told to hand them over to the Iraqi police.    Right at the end of the video a replay shows the children in the van before the attack takes place.


Full length video from wikilinks