That's Capitalism - WS109

Young Fine Gael just can't get away from their Blueshirt roots. Trinity College YFG vice-chair, Thomas Broe, has called for everyone between the ages 18-25 who has been unemployed for a year to be conscripted into the army.

Among the novel ways of spending the extra taxes taken from PAYE workers was using the Government jet to take Ministers to a rugby match in Limerick. The jet costs €7,890 an hour. 25 of the 83 journeys taken since October were to and from destinations within Ireland, even though Ministers also get free cars and drivers.


The cost of flying Tánaiste Mary Coughlan and Defence Minister Willie O’Dea to Texas on the government jet for their pointless meeting with Dell boss Michael Dell last December has been confirmed to be more than €164,000, even though the cost per person on a scheduled service would have been less that €1,000.

More than $3 trillion worldwide has been given to banks and big business from government funds. This represents the largest shift of wealth from working class taxpayers to the rich in world history. What is a Trillion? It's a thousand billion or a million million. One million seconds is 11 days. One billion seconds is 31 years and one trillion seconds is 31,546 years.

Workers Solidarity 109 May - June 2009 Edition

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