Articles on the struggle against the experimental gas pipeline that Shell are trying to impose on the people living on the shores of the Sruwaddacon Estuary in Erris, Co. Mayo and on the Great Oil & Gas Giveaway

Dublin Rossport Solidarity protest at Shell HQ 2008


Around thirty people took part in a protest at Shell HQ on Lesson street last night. Here are some photos and audio recording from the event.

As the Solitaire arrives (2008) - interview with WSM member in Rossport


This is an audio interview recorded by a phone with Cormac, a WSM member who is in Rossport. He reports on the latest developments in the campaign.

'Rapid Response' call as Shell to Sea Prepare for 'Day X' in Mayo


Preparation is under way to resist unwelcome and destructive activities by Shell and Allseas Ltd

Shell to Sea escalates struggle in Mayo as pipeline ship approaches


After a quiet period the struggle against Shell’s attempt to impose a dangerous experimental gas pipeline in Erris, Co. Mayo has escalated once more over the last month. 

Rossport Solidarity Camp Returns to Glengad with a Fresh Call Out for Action in 2008


The Rossport Solidarity Camp was originally set up on ‘Rossport 5’ Philip McGrath’s land in 2005. In the Spring of 2006 the camp was set up again close to the beach at Glengad near the ‘landfall’ for Shell’s proposed pipeline. Following a mendacious but successful application by Mayo County Council for an order of eviction against the camp in September of 2007, the camp agreed to leave the dunes by January 1st 2008. Since then the 'camp' has organised from the Rossport Solidarity House in Pollathomas

Successful gig fundraiser for Dublin Shell to Sea


Just a very brief report on the Dublin Shell to Sea gig last night (Friday 29th February) – A really good turn out of eighty or so paying customers on a maggoty, windy, rain spattered night – about eight WSM members spotted by this observer! I think roughly 500 euros was made by Dublin Shell to Sea. I took no pics so yea’ll have to do with ones lifted from myspace! First up were Section 4 of the Criminal Justice act featuring Rosport Camp Veteran Bob on bass.

Putting the gardai under the spotlight


Over 200 people packed into the Royal Dublin Hotel on Dublin’s O’Connell Street in early December for a public meeting on the topic ‘Democracy and Policing: How accountable are the Gardaí to the Irish people?’

Anarchism and Nationalisation


What should happen to the €51bn gasfield off Rossport? Let Shell keep it and let the fat cats get fatter? Try to make Bertie’s government nationalise it and use the wealth for our benefit?


Rossport Rises Again - Nov 2007 day of action report


Friday 9th November saw hundreds of people travel from around Ireland to show solidarity with dozens of local Corrib protesters in the latest 'day of action' against the attempt by Shell to impose a dangerous experimental gas pipeline on the community. WSM members from Dublin and Cork took part in the protests, here we present their account of what happened along with a selection of photographs from

Mobilise for Rossport Day of Action, November 9th 2007


The Workers Solidarity Movement is urging anarchists and other supporters of Shell To Sea to get to Rossport for the day-of-action on November 9th. WSM members will join people from around the country in showing, one year since Gardai batoned protesters, that we will not be intimidated.

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