Irish solidarity with Swedish strikers


On November 15th the Swedish Workers Centralorganiation (SAC) called a 24 hour strike in protest against unemployment laws proposed by the new right-wing government.

The Swedish government wants to cut its financial contribution to unemployment funds by 50%, in order to finance more tax cuts for the wealthy, a move they claim will “stimulate the Swedish economy”. 600,000 people depended on benefits last year.

Swedish libertarian socialist Björn Söderberg murdered by fascists


SWEDISH FASCISTS murdered a long time trade unionist last October. Björn Söderberg was an activist of the 'libertarian socialist' Swedish Workers Central Organisation (SAC) union. He was shot three times outside his apartment in the Stockholm suburb of Satra. He was shot in the head.

This is Not SIPTU - Syndicalist Swedish SAC


CHRISTMAS saw many emigrants return for the holidays. One was Ciaran Casey who went to Sweden twenty years ago and is currently International Secretary of his union, the Central Organisation of Swedish Workers (SAC). This union describes itself as syndicalist and libertarian socialist. Workers Solidarity spoke to Ciaran and learnt

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