The passing of US anarchist prisoner, Harold H Thompson last October marked the end of the life of a revolutionary, a fighter for the libertarian ideal, who remained unbowed and unbroken in the face of a social order built on domination and exploitation.

Harold lived an extraordinary life, politicised during the Vietnam War, he soon found himself on the frontline through political incarceration for expropriating the expropriators.

Undeterred by the American Gulag as he often referred to in his prison writings, Harold maintained his sense of selflessness and commitment to the revolutionary cause by becoming a ‘jail house lawyer’.

In the face of prison neglect and abuse inflicted by the prison industrial complex, attacked by white supremacist thugs, Harold was still able to build up a special relationship with supporters on the outside through his writings and letters.

I was just one of the many who wrote to Harold and tried to spread his message. The least I could do was help to arrange the spreading of his ashes in Lough Neagh in County Antrim. As first generation Irish American, Harold was influenced by Irish Republicanism and the struggles here.

In the words of Harold H Thompson from one of his letters

“Someday the very earth will shake from the collective exploitative schemes to control us, capitalism and communism, into the dustbin of history. We have to live and must work for that day when our politics will be in the sun.”

As Harold used to end every letter, "They will never get us all! We have a world to win!

Please click on this link below for Harold’s supporter’s website. You can view some of his writings, Obituary and a report from his funeral.

Edited letters

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