In October, Anti-Fascist Action successfully prevented a large European neo-nazi gig from going ahead in Kerry. Dozens of Slovakian, Polish and Czech neo-nazis were planning to spend a long weekend in Ireland to celebrate the birthday of a leading fascist living in Dublin who’s originally from Prague. AFA managed to stop the gig from taking place and even had the pleasure of bumping into a few of the Blood & Honour fascists in Dublin.A couple of months earlier, a small self-styled neo-nazi skinhead gang was behind a number of racist assaults in the Temple Bar area. In response, anti-fascists from various groups mobilised and leafleted the area a number of times - talking to local shop workers and teenagers who congregate in the vicinity.

As a direct result, the boneheads have stopped hanging out in Temple Bar and harassing passers-by. We have also built new relationships with local shops that have pledged their support to further anti-fascist work.

WSM members will continue oppose the growth of fascist groups in our cities and communities. To read about the WSM’s policy on resisting fascism, please log onto

From Workers Solidarity 112 November - December 2009

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