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As agreed at a public meeting, held Liberty Hall 22 March 1914 from a draft prepared by Sean O’Casey.

1. The first and last principle of the Irish Citizen Army is the avowal that the ownership of Ireland, moral and material, is vested of right in the people of Ireland.

2. That the Irish Citizen Army shall stand for absolute unity of Irish nationhood, and shall support the rights and liberties of the democracies of all nations.

3. That one of its objectives shall be to sink all difference of birth, property and creed under the name of the common Irish people.

4. That the Irish Citizens Army shall be open to all who accept the principle of equal rights and opportunities for the Irish people.

5*. Before being enrolled, every applicant must, if eligible, be a member of his/her trade union, such a trade union to be recognised by the Irish Trades Union Congress.

Principal Object – ‘to arm and train all Irishmen capable of bearing arms to enforce and defend its first principle’.

Army council
Chairman - Captain White
Vice chairmen – Jim Larkin, P.T. Daly, William Partridge, Thomas Foran, Francis Sheey-Skeffington
Honorary secretary – Sean O’Casey
Honorary Treasurers – Richard Brannigan, Countess Markievicz

* - added at suggestion of Jim Larkin