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Information provided will not be passed on to third parties and will only be accessable by a small number of WSM members entrusted with the task of keeping our contacts informed of news, activity & events. You will be able to remove yourself or change your contact details / interests at any time either by logging in or using the Contact Us form.

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Please give us your contact details below and a rough idea of where you live. Then tick the boxes to indicate the areas of work you are interested in, we'd recommend that initally you tick any you have a vague interest in and trim this down later if need be.  Your selections allow us send you a targetted mail whenever we are doing work or an event in that area near you and so avoid sending you mail about things you have no interest in.  You will be able to remove yourself or change your contact details / interests at any time.

What county do you live in
Let us know the town or city you live in or the nearest one to you. This will enable us to just tell you about nearby events.
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URL for your Facebook profile if you want to contacted through FB
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Please indicate the areas and types of activity you'd like to help out with below. Click as many as you like, you can always change these later.
Anti fascism / racism
Activity against fascism and racism
Audio production
Recording interviews or events or other audio work for circulation via the WSM site
Become a supporter of the WSM
If you want to become a supporter of the WSM check this and we will be in contact, be sure to include a phone number above so we can text you to arrange to meet
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If you want to become a member of the WSM tick this and be sure to provide contact details including a phone number so we can text you and arrange to meet
Community struggles
Struggles that are based on organising neighboorhoods
Design & layout
Helping us to prepare posters, stickers, leaflets and newspapers for publication
Eduction & Student struggles
Struggles in the education sector including those around fees & working conditions
Environmental struggles and organising
Gender struggles
Struggles around women's liberation
International solidarity
Events concerned with organising solidarity with those in struggle outside Ireland
LGBT struggles
Struggles around Queer liberation (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans)
Online publication & promotion
Helping us publish material to the WSM internet resources and helping us to promote material that has been published. Also possibly helping to proof read and correct material as it is published
Organising protests & events
Helping out with the organisation of protests & events - we will just contact you about those areas of work where you have indicated an interest
taking pictures at protests & events for the WSM website & publications
Postering, stickering & stencils
Helping to put up posters and stickers - we will just contact you about those that concern the areas of struggle you have indicated you are interested in
Promoting anarchism
Events that are specifically aimed to promote and spread the anarchist idea in general
Publications distribution
Helping us to distribute the WSM publications (our newspaper & magazine)
Street stalls
Helping out with street stalls - we will just contact you about stalls that are about the areas of work you have indicated you are interested in
Video making
Preparing video interviews, recordings of events etc for distribution via the WSM web site
Workplace struggles
Workplace struggles and union work
Writing articles
If you'd like to write articles for the WSM website or publications - we will presume the areas you want to write on match the sort of struggles you have indicated you are interested in
By sector we mean the general area you work in (eg Transport, Education, Retail) or you might be a Student, Unemployed or Carer who looks after a home / relatives
If you are a union member please put which union here, if a student please enter your college

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