Film Review: Looking For Eric


Born of a Catalan mother whose family fought Franco’s forces in the Spanish Civil War and a father who juggled a nursing career and a passionate interest in painting, Cantona’s humble lineage portrays a character quite different to the one we should have expected from the one on the field, with his upturned collar and puffed out chest, his air always suggested that of a French nobleman; that and his football eventually led to him to be known as King.

Queer Spraoi Presents: Culchie Queer Night, Dublin



Culchie Disco
Lovely Boi's & Gurrrls
Confession Box
Culchie Queer Cabaret
Sexy Priest Competition
& more...

Labour film festival in Dublin


The Irish Film Institute, in conjunction with SIPTU, is running Dublin’s first ever Labour Film Festival. The event is one of many being organised to celebrate the Union’s Centenary.

It is also being assisted by the Washington DC Labour Film Fest, which has pioneered Labour Film Festivals around the world. The showing of each film will be followed by talks from leading industrial, social and cultural commentators.

Queer Spraoi Launch Dublin


This Saturday sees the launch of Queer Spraoi. In their own words Queer Spraoi
" is a project to engage queerness in Dublin on a new level. We organise events, such as gigs, film nights and workshops around the social centre Seomra Spraoi."

The event kicks off with a film screening of "Stonewall" a semi fictionalised account of the infamous riots

Heres a link to a piece a member of WSM, Paul McAndrew wrote about the series of violent clashes and riots and how their commemorations became the queer pride celebrations we know today at

Dublin: Film - A Greek Tragedy: Scenes From The Junta Years


Two Greek films being shown Monday night at 8pm to put some context on the present revolt.

Seomra Spraoi Fundraiser Table Quiz, Dublin Lower deck


Seomra Spraoi Fundraiser quiz nite
Hosted by We Smell Like Men & Chou Chou Cixous

Dancing after By Electronic Resistance and 6ft Apprentice

From 8pm

The dimmer wing of the ruling class


Senior members of the DUP have been busy embarrassing themselves over the last few weeks.Comments by Ian Paisley Jr that the PSNI should shoot dissident republicans on sight indicate the ingrained right-wing stance of the party. Meanwhile his colleagues have been outdoing him in making their party a laughing stock. Iris Robinson repeatedly put her foot in it by describing homosexuality as an abomination while Edwin Poots and Meryvn Storey clambered somewhere back to the bronze age in their bid to have Christian creationism taught in science class.

TV Review: The Wire


Raked over in newspapers since the fifth and final series made its way on to TnaG, it's hard to write anything new about the Wire. It's a portrait of America through Baltimore and the cop show vehicle; of failing school systems and crumbling communities, where drugs gangs and cops act in similar flurries of selfish brutality.

New Gallery Opening - Dublin


You are cordially invited to Take a Picture It'll Last Longer: the launch of The Joy Gallery, a new artist-run space located in Dublin City Centre.

Interview with anarchist political singer/songwriter Ciaran Murphy


An interview with anarchist singer/songwriter and former republican prisoner Ciaran Murphy concerning the release of his new album, how he became interested in anarchism and other matters.

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