Policing the State: An Interview with Berkeley CopWatch


CopWatch was formed to combat police brutality against oppressed groups. By documenting and exposing incidences of police misconduct and brutality they hope to foster a culture of resistance to state justice among working class people. This interview with a member of Berkeley CopWatch looks at some of their current activities as well as the broader political context for their work.

Social centres, empty space and anarchism in Dublin audio download


Interview from RTE (Irish state radio) about space in the city and the Seomra Spraoi project which has just opened a new building in Dublin's city centre.

Lucy Parsons - Newsletter of the Lucy Parsons branch of the Workers Solidarity Movement


Lucy Parsons Newsletter Issue One Summer 2007

Domestic workers in Ireland
Would you accept a job without signing a proper legal contract? A job that means working long days for 400 euro a month doing chores like ironing, cooking, laundering, cleaning a 4 bed house and even mean babysitting four children aged between two and seven years old?

On the 2007 elections in France - Interview with Alternative Libertaire


In late May, we had the chance to interview Edith Soboul, of the federal secretariat of Altrernative Libertaire, our sister organisation in France. The interview dealt with the recent election of Sarkozy, the shift to the right in Europe and its impact on workers' and immigrants' rights, the tasks of the libertarians in France and AL proposals for the moment

Voices Of Republicanism - audio


'Voices of Republicanism' is a documentary on the current state of the Republican movement produced for Through discourse with activists from a wide range of political backgrounds and of varying ages we attempt to provide a small insight into the movement. This is a documentary through the words of people who were there and have seen it, those who still carry the torch of Republicanism and those who have made a break with the movement entirely.

Interview with Ana Lopez from the International Union of Sex Workers


Red & Black Revolution interviewed Ana Lopez, one of the founders of IUSW who as a sex worker in London when she finished her masters and wanted to start a PhD. "In supporting this kind of initiative of sex workers organizing, you don’t necessarily have to agree with my view that sex work is a legitimate type of work, and that it’s not inherently exploitative"

Jord Samoleski from Propagandhi interviewed by WSM member


Interview with Jord Samoleski of Winnipeg based radical punk band Propagandhi in Dublin 12/12/06.

Swedish and Finnish Commuters Take Direct Action for Free Public Transport


In Stockholm, Gothenburg and Helsinki commuters are taking the initiative in the fight for decent, free public transportation. Here Oisín Mac Giollamóir interviews Anna from the campaign.

Bad things happen: Tales from the frontline in Iraq - James Massey ex US Marine interview


James Massey is a tall well built man, aged 34. At the age of 19 he joined the US Marines. In Iraq he saw his first combat. He has left the army and has written an account of his experiences entitled "Kill, Kill, Kill". He visited Dublin to give evidence at the trial of the Pitstop Ploughshares and during this time Dermot Screenan interviewed him.

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