Anti Child Labour Fundraising Quiz


Quiz to raise money to help fund an awareness raising trip to Ireland by Suman of the 'Movement for a Child's Right to Childhood' in India to talk about their work in rescuing children from bonded labour.

Public & private space -RadioSolidarity1


The first in a series of radio shows, produced by the Workers Solidarity Movement. This show is themed around the issue of public and private space. In particular we look at an autonomous social centre, Seomra Spraoi in Dublin.

We also look at the experiences of anarchists in Boston USA, who are helping people actively resist being evicted from there homes as a result of the "credit crisis" as well as the Irish government attack on ordinary people at this time. The panel includes WSM members and Mick Byrne from the Seomra Spraoi collective

“NAMA clearly shows why we should Vote No to Lisbon” – Workers Solidarity Movement


Anarchist organisation Workers Solidarity Movement has stated that the foisting of NAMA on the Irish people is a clear reason why people should reject the Lisbon treaty, and has rejected attempts by establishment politicians to claim that there is no connection between the two.

Press Statement: Anarchist Organisation launches ‘No to Lisbon’ poster campaign


Anarchist organisation Workers Solidarity Movement (WSM) has launched two ‘Vote No to Lisbon’ posters. One features pictures of John Gormley, Bertie Ahern, Brian Cowen and Mary Harney under the slogan ‘Would you buy a second hand treaty from these chancers?’ The other urges people to vote no to Lisbon but also to ‘Organise For Real Social Change’.

That's Capitalism! - WS111


Mayawati, the Prime Minister of India’s Uttar Pradesh province has spent €177 million of taxpayers’ money on massive statues of herself and of her party’s symbol, the elephant. She also spent €11.2 million on a private jet to save her 10 minutes on her visits to New Delhi.

Meaningful Democracy is more than an annual vote


It’s the time of year where we plebs get a chance to rectify our impertinence in rejecting the Lisbon Treaty. In itself, rerunning the referendum is hardly an affront to democracy. After all, people are simply being asked to confirm the decision made.

Book review: ‘Gunsmoke and Mirrors’- How Sinn Fein dressed up defeat as victory. By Henry McDonald


Against a backdrop of recent resignations from the Provisional movement, election stagnation in the Republic reflected in growing disillusionment amongst the rank and file. In the words of Toiréasa Ferris "Sinn Féin simply means nothing to the bulk of people in the South....Forget the notion of trying to be a catch-all party that appeals to everyone. That way we’ll end up attracting the loyalty of no one". Scathing criticism, but perhaps a smokescreen to give the appearance of a leadership which tolerates dissent while maintaining firm control.

Alternatives to the current political system


Statement appeared in the Thursday edition of the Andersonstown News on 23.07.09.

Belfast - A Working Class Journey from War to 'Peace' interview with Davy Carlin


A conversation with WSM member Davy Carlin, from his early childhood growing up in the Ballymurphy housing estate in the midst of an ‘Irish War’ to community politics. Davy also reflects on his involvement in struggles to date from anti-racism, workplace organising and organisations from the Socialist Workers Party to Organise! Finally, we touch upon the politics of anarchism and his hope for the future.

Unemployment & the War on Youth


On RTE news on 18/5/09, Mary Hanafin stated, in her usual Orwellian fashion, that the Department of Social and Family Affairs (DSFA) had now provided a financial incentive to encourage those under 20 to go into training or education. This ’financial incentive’ involved cutting the dole to €100 per week for new claimants under the age of 20.

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