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Chairman of Louth County Council Cllr Jimmy Mulroy, speaking in a debate about the abuse of workers by some employment agencies, said that while Irish people, "need €12.50 an hour, people from Lithuania are doing very well on €8.50 an hour." Mulroy, the owner of an electrical firm, later defended his remarks, arguing that many migrant workers were "very happy” with lower pay. Fianna Fail head office “disassociated” the party from the councillor's comments, but there was no suggestion of him being disciplined or deselected as a candidate.

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Porsche has given a bonus to its entire full-time staff. The 11,000 people who actually build cars got €5,200 each. The six person management board, none of whom has ever built a car, awarded themselves a whopping €113 million.

Break the World Bank street party - Monday 12th November


Meet at 12pm Connolly Station - Assemble at 1pm at the Grand Hotel Malahide.

Turkey: Modernisation, authoritarianism & political islam


Turkey has been under the spotlight this year, due to the threats of the Army against the possibility of an Islamist party taking the presidency. This move came to pose a number of questions to the European establishment, as Turkey has been negotiating its entry to the EU. The apparently uneasy two alternatives of government in Turkey are political Islam or the old fashioned authoritarian Kemalist secularism, which has the army as its vigilante sector of the ruling block. The European bourgeoisie has been quite keen to support the ruling AKP Islamist party, instead of the military, sending a clear message that they won’t favour a dictatorship in the vein of that of 1980. Actually, they have compared the authoritarian tradition of Turkey to Greece, saying that entry to the EU would eventually help to democratise it.

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Just 1% of the population owns 34% of the wealth in the 26 counties (excluding the value of residential housing). That’s according to the Bank of Ireland report ‘The Wealth of the Nation’.


May saw absolutely no job losses announced. May was also the month of the Dail election. Did Fianna Fail ask their business pals to hold off any bad news? In June things got back to ‘normal’ with job losses at Eircom, Dell, Lapple, Wrapite, Molex, the ESB and Hovid.


Dublin CRITICAL MASS Public meeting


thats what its all about!!

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Workers at Aer Lingus are being told to accept worsening conditions and low pay rises. This does not apply to the man who who does the telling, chief executive Dermot Mannion. Last year he was paid a massive €982,000.

Public talk -Mexican Grassroots Resistance


Jaquelina Lopez Almazan and Jose Luis Diaz Franco, both members of the APPO-CODEP- Popular Asambly of the Oaxacan People in Mexico will give an acccount of their sttruggle and their fight for justice and freedoom.


Mexican people resist oppression in Oaxaca - Public Talk



FAQ's and Info at Blockade : By BLOCK G8 group


check out this pdf

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