All you need to know about Camping at G8 2007


See you at the barricades

Welcome Guide for folks going to the G8 in Germany


Below is a timeline of some events

In Defence of Electoral Apathy


People's apathy, particularly young people's, towards elections is normally presented as some sort of failing in civic responsibility. However, indifference towards the outcomes of elections is actually a sensible position to have - it recognises that the emperor has no clothes.

Anarchism and the WSM in early 2007


As well as taking part in local and national demonstrations in support of the Rossport residents, about 20 WSM members participated in the mass trespass of Shell's Mayo construction site on February 16th. This marks a step forward for the Shell To Sea campaign because it recognises that lobbying politicians is not enough, when you are continually lied to or brushed off you have to take action yourself.

Thats capitalism - WS96


Slaving your life away just so you can make ends meet; having no say in the major decisions that affect your life; criminal politicians and businessmen plundering the country. Try to do something about it and they'll lock you up. Yes..

What The Hell Is Up With The 2007 G8 Mobilisation for Heiligendamm, Germany


From 6-8 June 2007, the G8 Summit – the meeting of the heads of state and government of the USA, Canada, Japan, Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany and Russia – will take place in Heiligendamm in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern on Germany’s Baltic Sea. The Summit location is the Kempinski Grand Hotel. As there seems to have been a remarkable absense of discusion, debate and practical organising surrounding this years G8 blockade mobilisations in germany this june, ive attempted to collate some info that may be useful for readers.

Review of Ramor Ryan's book - "Clandestines : the Pirate journals of an Irish Exile"


At this point in time it is a rare and welcome event when a book by an Irish activist is published and rarer still when a book by an Irish anti-capitalist writer receives widespread praise and acclaim. "Clandestines: the Pirate journals of an Irish Exile", which has received a slew of positive reviews following it's publication in the US by AK Press, is just such a rarity, and as it is being launched in Ireland this week means readers here will soon be able to make their own appraisal of the book.

Parlamentonun gerçek amac


Kesinti, kesinti ve daha fazla kesinti karşılığında, seçimlerde güneşin, ayın ve yıldızların söz verilmesine alıştık artık. Bunun sebebi bütün siyasetçilerin yalancı olması mı sadece, yoksa bunun daha derinlerde yatan nedenleri mi var? Seçimlere katılmamak, Bakunin'in döneminden beri anarşist bir taktik olarak süregelmiştir. Bu makalede anarşistlerin seçimlere katılmamayı veya geçersiz oy kullanmayı savunmasının nedenlerinden bazılarını ele alacağız.

Το κείμενο που ακολουθεί είναι προκήρυξη που μοίρασαν μέλη του WSM στο Μπέλφα


Προκήρυξη του Workers Solidarity Movement

Το κείμενο που ακολουθεί είναι προκήρυξη που μοίρασαν μέλη του WSM στο Μπέλφαστ.

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