Greek police join demonstrations


The population of Greece are in revolt again the IMF /ECB austerity plan that is being imposed on them.  WSM member Con who is a migrant to Ireland from Greece tells us what it is like to follow the struggle by home from Ireland and especially the extraordinary events yesterday when many police, who for months have been attacking demonstrators, instead joined the demonstrations.  Presumably they will soon be bought off and return to business as usual but all the same perhaps such an usual event is close to a miracle.

Reading Group Night: 'Das Kapital' Marx Reading Group, Thursday, June 16, 7pm @ solidaritybooks


Starting in Solidarity Books on Thursday the 16th of June is a reading group for Karl Marx's Capital (or 'Das Kapital' in the original German) Volume 1. For 13 Thursdays we will work our way through the book with the help of David Harvey's 'Capital' lecture series, available here: http://davidharvey.org/reading-capital/. Whatever your politics, you're welcome to come along and engage with this massively important piece of work.

Irish Anarchist Review 3


Welcome to Issue 3 of The Irish Anarchist Review, produced by the Workers Solidarity Movement.  This magazine aims to provide a forum for the exploration and discussion of theories, thoughts and ideas about where we are and where we would like to be in terms of political struggles today.

Download The Irish Anarchist Review Issue 3

BACK to the FUTURE: Imagining the Future in a post-revolutionary world


Editors’ Note:
Much of our time as revolutionaries is spent on the routine of organising in the here and now – building a campaign, organising for a demonstration, planning for a trade union meeting….  Too often we don’t manage to take time to step back from the here and now and imagine or envisage what it’s all about.  But without dreaming, without imagining a future the daily humdrum can seem dispiriting.

VIDEOCRACY: Broadcasting Control over the Italian Psyche - review


Erik Gandini’s “Videocracy” is an intriguing and distressing documentary film that explores Silvio Berlusconi’s media empire, and the deep impact that it has had on Italian society and culture. Gandini’s investigative endeavour was released in 2009, but the trailers were blocked on the six main Italian television channels, which are controlled by Berlusconi. It was a tacit form of censorship aimed at obstructing Videocracy’s popularity, the alleged reason for doing so being that it was offensive to Berlusconi’s reputation. This backfired completely as the block created mass-hype about the film, and when it was screened at the Venice Film Festival it was received by a huge audience and accolades.

Garret "the Good"?


Former Taoiseach Garret Fitzgerald's death was announced this morning. As is usual in such circumstances we are being subject to a load of old guff, very rarely in such instances are we treated to an honest assessment of a mans life instead we are expected to believe in the individauls perfection.  The great phrases you will hear for the next week will be that he was "a patriot who always put the national interest first", "an honest man, a fair man", "he did the state some service" etc. At least the last is true, Garret Fitzgerald was a thouroughly pro-state, pro-capitalist, pro-EU, pro-imperialist politician.  He never wavered in his support for the capitalist order.

That's Capitalism


The state of Wisconsin has become the site of a very high profile showdown; the conservative governor there has been trying to introduce harsh new laws which would seriously harm public sector unions, laws which amount to an outright attack on workers' rights. Under these proposals state employees would lose the right to bargain collectively, union dues would become voluntary and wouldn't be deducted from pay cheques, unions would face a recertification vote every yea,r with the union needing to win the votes of a majority of employees and not just of those voting.

Cork: Boardgames at the Bookshop, every Sunday! from 7-10pm in Solidarity Books


Boardgames at the Bookshop every Sunday from 7-10pm in Solidarity Books, 43 Douglas Street (across from Fionn Barra's), Cork. New faces always welcome! Event date and time: Sun, 2011-04-10 19:00 -22:00

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