Drishane Castle: Residents take action at direct provision centre


If you don't like me, how can you like my child?”

The following is a report from the situation at the Drishane Castle direct provision centre, after successful protests by residents there this week forced a number of immediate changes there. Listen to the audio clips attached to hear directly the opinions of the residents themselves. These audio clips can be listened to individually or as one full recording.

Cork shows fascism the door in Rally for Peace


Cork showed the far right the door on January 4th as about 300 anti-fascists turned up at city hall to face down a  far right rally of about that peaked at about 70.  The anti-fascist rally was called by Cork Rebels for Peace, "a broad spectrum of left political & community activists from across the city and county and we’ve called upon a celebration of diversity, inclusiveness and solidarity.  We have come together to show the far right that Cork city will not succumb to intolerance."

Review - To Keep a Bird Singing, a novel by Kevin Doyle


A man adrift in the doldrums of the last great crisis finds his stolen punk records. Noelie Sullivan by simply reclaiming his discs sets off a chain of events which quickly unravels his life and puts him and all who know him in danger.

100s of Yes posters torn down by organised gang in County Cork


In a pattern all to common across rural Ireland hundreds of Yes posters were torn down in an organised fashion by what had to be No activists across Country Cork last night.  This anti-democratic rage typifies the No campaign which has has so much wealth that it is printing 10 No posters to every Yes.  All across Ireland the few Yes posters there are to distribute have been torn down, in one case we have heard of in the west they have even been discovered in the houses of No campaigners.  This is ahead of the May 25th referendum to remove the article of the Irish constitution that equates the life of a women with that of a foetus.

THE WORMS THAT SAVED THE WORLD - a review of a brilliant children's book

THE WORMS THAT SAVED THE WORLD is an illustrated children’s book about a rebellious group of earthworms who fight to save their home from a luxury golf course that takes over their headland. Written by Kevin Doyle and illustrated by Spark Deeley, the book introduces us to Connie and her friends as they band together to save their community and their home. 
At first, the worms try to make do but the growing pollution combined with the new owners’ intolerance force them to take action. They realise that they cannot win against the powerful golf club on their own so they seek the help of other animals who share the headland with them. They are a determined and inventive community of worms and in the end the win back control of their home. (Hurray!) The story was inspired by a famous campaign that took place at the Old Head of Kinsale in Cork, Ireland in the early 2000s.

Carrigtwohill lights the road for refugee solidarity


There are many, many inspiring solidarity actions happening across Ireland at the moment. We've been following in particular the spontaneous formation of X to Calais groups around the county, modelled on the Cork to Calais one.

Before the government had indicated any intention to act these groups were formed in cities, towns and villages right across the country in order to collect needed supplies, form convoys and drive them to the migrant camps across Europe starting with the inspiring site of consistent self organised resistance at Calais.

Cork Book Launch of "Sins of the Father: The decisions that shaped the Irish economy"



Solidarity Books will be proud to host the Cork launch of the 2nd Edition of "Sins of the Father: The decisions that shaped the Irish economy" – on Thursday 5th December 7:30pm

The event will include a talk from Dr. Conor McCabe, the author of 'Sins of the Father: The decisions that shaped the Irish economy ', which analyses the development of the Irish economy throughout the 20th Century right up to the current crisis, without resorting to just pointing fingers at 'a few morally bankrupt individuals' in an otherwise sound system.

Social Struggles in Sweden today - guest speaker in Solidarity Books with Cork WSM, Monday July 8th, 8pm


This Monday, Workers Solidarity Movement Cork will be joined by Petter, an anarchist from Gothenburg, and member of the Swedish Anarcho-Syndicalist union, Sveriges Arbitares Centralorganisation (the "SAC") with experience in a range of different types of social struggles, within but mostly outside of the union.

Turkey's Uprising - 2 eyewitness accounts - Saturday July 13th, 3pm, Solidarity Books


Saturday July 13th, 3pm at Solidarity Books, 43 Douglas St., Cork
Turkey's Uprising - Two Eyewitness Accounts
Temmuz Gurbuz (MA Student at UCC from Turkey)

Andrew Flood (Workers Solidarity Movement)
Both speakers have just returned from separate trips to Istanbul and elsewhere around the country, where they have observed and participated in the current movement that erupted since the occupation of Gezi Park a month ago.

Cork Demo in Solidarity with Turkish Protesters - Thursday 6th June, 6pm at Daunt Sq.


The following statement is copied from the callout for a solidarity demo in Cork this Thursday.

Facebook link here, please share it and see you down at Daunt Sq. (bring banners / signs / placards)

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