The Emergence of the ULA - report from Cork launch


I attended a public launch of the ULA in Cork city on Wednesday 16th of January. There was a real sense of purpose in the attendance and a fairly high level of energy , anger and enthusiasm.  It was clear from the start in the packed hall that people had come to not just listen but many to join up and play a role in the emerging organisation.

Cork City FC & Fan Owned Clubs, The Future of Soccer?


When Cork City fans took control of their club in 2010 they were following a well worn path that has see soccer clubs that failed under the ownership of businessmen being taken over by fans in the last number of years. They joined Irish clubs Sligo Rovers, Bohemians and Shamrock Rovers as fan owned. The phenomena has also seen fans desert big corporate clubs to start their own as with United FC in Manchester a response to the Glazier takeover of Manchester United.

600 March Against Budget in Cork


At just after 5 p.m. Wednesday evening, 600 angry marchers took to the streets of Cork city to demonstrate their opposition to the 2011 budget and the state's IMF- and EU-designed four-year plan. Marchers assembled on Patrick's Bridge for some time before 5, and when sufficient numbers had arrived, the crowd moved up-river to the nearby Emmet Place in front of the Opera House, from where the march departed, led by the banner of the Cork Social Welfare Defenders campaign.

Cork Smash the Budget protest


Cork city Smash the Budget protest. Meet 5pm Patricks bridge Wednesday December 8th

When: (This) Wednesday at 5 pmWhere: Assemble at Patrick's Bridge, Cork
What To Do: Spread the word. Bring your friends, work mates and neighbours. Bring placards, noise and banners. All welcome.

Students March in Cork to Oppose Coming Budget Cuts and Fees Hike


Over 1,500 students from Cork’s various colleges took to the streets to protest the fee increases and cuts to the education system anticipated in the upcoming budget. Students gathered at the UCC grounds, and when the marchers from CIT made it to the university grounds the protest moved off and headed to the city centre by an unusual route via Dyke Parade, the north Leeside quays and Patrick St. to the plaza at Grand Parade.

Cork Unemployed Occupy Zombie Anglo-Irish Bank


A campaign against social welfare cuts and the attack on the unemployed by the Government got underway in Cork earlier today with an occupation by 100 people of Anglo-Irish Bank. Arising from a march opposing the looming cuts, the Social Welfare Defence Campaign arrived at Anglo-Irish and proceeded to occupy the front reception of the Bank.

Breaking News: Occupation of Anglo-Irish Bank in Cork


A spontaneous occupation by 100 people of Anglo-Irish Bank in Cork has just come to an end. Arising from a march opposing the looming cuts, the Social Welfare Defence Campaign arrived at Anglo-Irish and proceeded to occupy the front reception of the Bank.

Cork: The Land War - Winter Talks Solidarity Books


Finbarr Dwyer of Irish history podcasts fame, a Dublin based archaeologist and member of the Workers Solidarity Movement he will speak on the subject of the Land War that saw mass mobilisation, direct action and a lot more besides.


The Land War 25th November 8pm - Number 5

8pm Solidarity Books 43 Douglas Street, Cork

‘Pat The Picket’ Allen R.I.P.


Pat Allen, one of Cork’s most colourful and staunch protestors, died early on Wednesday morning at Marymount Hospice in Cork.  He was suffering from cancer and had fought the illness bravely for the last number of years.  Only last month, Pat attended the Winter Talk on Tadhg Barry at Solidarity Books.  He enjoyed the meeting, he said, but complained that he was very tired and finding it hard to make it through each day.

Cork: Spanish Revolution talk given by James O'Brien


This Tuesdays Winter Talk at Solidarity Books, 8pm! 02/11/10 Come learn about The Spanish Revolution with a talk given by James O' Brien!

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