A 2013 visit into the Gaza Strip - 3 pm, Saturday 27th April 2013, Solidarity Bookshop, Douglas Street Cork


Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign would like to invite you to a presentation by one of our members who recently visited the Gaza Strip. Karim met a wide variety of people during his trip and recorded these encounters in photographs that will be shown in Solidarity Bookshop, Douglas Street Cork during the talk. 

Why you should vote no to Croke Park Two


The new Croke Park deal is a vicious attack on the pay and conditions of all Public Sector workers and their families by the Government. Shamefully our Trade Union leaders have allowed it to tear up an existing agreement that was due to run until June 2014 and have agreed to another one, which is significantly worse.

Cork International Women's Day 2013 at Solidarity Books


This Friday, March 8th sees the fourth year of celebrations on Douglas Street to mark International Women’s Day. We’ve got a programme covering the whole day, taking in quilting sessions, film screenings, dance and theatre performances, food and of course enough time to catch up with one another in between. With some help from our neighbours in Cork Open Centre and Very Healthy Food, the programme will run from 10am until 8pm. Give it a glance and drop down at some stage (if not for the whole day). All our events are free to attend, but as ever, donations are really appreciated.

International Women’s Day – Friday March 8th, Solidarity Books, 43 Douglas Street, Cork

Occupation of Cork City Council Chamber during CAHWT protest - with video


The evening of Monday the 28th February saw members of the Cork CAHWT walk from the Imperial Hotel on the South Mall to the City Council chambers at City Hall. We entered the public galleries of the council to remind the councillors of our continued intention to boycott the unfair and unjust property tax and the coming water taxes.

'It's My Choice' public meeting in Cork


Monday night saw a packed attendance for the 'It's My Choice' meeting in the Metropole Hotel, Cork City. The meeting, billed as an explicitly pro-choice public event, featured three speakers, United Left Alliance TD, Clare Daly, UCC Law lecturer, Claire Murray, and Dr. Mary Favier of Doctors for Choice. Unfortunately, a fourth speaker, Rebecca Gomperts, an activist with the Women on Waves organisation, was unable to attend

3,000 March in Cork against Household Taxes and Austerity


On Saturday lunchtime about 3,000 citizens marched through the streets of Cork in support of the continuing boycott of the Household Tax and in protest at the sixth straight austerity budget to be imposed on the Irish working class, which was unveiled this week by the Labour/Fine Gael coalition government.

Nine in Court in Cork over peaceful prisoners rights protest


  Nine men appeared in Cork's District court charged with offenses alleged to have occurred at a whiteline picket in the city on June 30th.  The charges essentially argue that the men were obstructing traffic.  Whiteline pickets are a common feature of protests across the country and are most often used in relation to prisoner issues. A whiteline picket is where a number of protestors stand on a continuous whiteline in the middle of a street holding placards highlighting the particular issue.

Report on Cork Pride 2012


For the third year in succession the Cork branch of the Workers Solidarity Movement participated in the Cork Pride Parade. Anarchists have been involved in Pride organising in Cork since its beginnings in the mid-noughties and have long seen Pride as both an important civic festival and an opportunity to connect with Cork's burgeoning LGBT community. Cork WSM also distributed a leaflet on Pride and its politics at the parade (see below). The parade was the culmination of a week of hectic activity and celebration by Cork's LGBT community across a number of venues and across a range of activities.

Cork: Eyewitness from the anarchist movement in Russia


The Cork segment of a European speaking tour with an Anarchist from Moscow who will talk about the anarchist movement in Russia, its successes and failures. Antti Rautiainen lived in Moscow for 13 years, participating in anarchist activities. His residence permit was revoked in March of this year, allegedly because he "called for a violent overthrow of constitutional order, or otherwise endangered the safety of Russian Federation or its citizens". He is member of Autonomous Action and the Anarchist Black Cross of Moscow.

Cork "The Viking Way" (2012) dir Yorgos Avgeropoulos 52mins @solidaritybooks


Join us this Thursday 31st May at 8pm for a showing of "The Viking Way" (2012) ( 50mins )

 "In 2008, Iceland was confronted with an unprecedented economic disaster. The country's three banks collapsed, dragging to ruin the country's whole social, economic and political life. “The Viking Way”, is a documentary about how Iceland responded very differently to the crisis of the market and capitalism."

Start time is 8pm.

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