Musgrave Strike Continues


SIPTU issued a press release on 24/4/12 as follows: SIPTU members in the Musgrave Group are continuing their strike action at the company’s warehouse in Cork in a dispute concerning changes to their conditions of employment. The industrial action, which began on 18th April, involves approximately 135 salaried staff members withdrawing their labour at the Cork Chill warehouse.

Cork: Cinema Night - Bernadette: Notes on a Political Journey (2011) this Thurs, 8pm @solidaritybooks


Join us this Thursday April 5th , 8pm, in Solidarity Books for a screening of Bernadette: Notes on a Political Journey (2011) Start time is 8pm. All welcome, donations appreciated. Bernadette: Notes on a Political Journey (2011) This remarkable documentary, made over a nine year period, charts the story of Bernadette Devlin McAliskey’s political journey since her explosive entry into the public arena in the late 60's.

Interview with Game Workers Occupying the Cork Patrick Street Store


Workers of the games retailer GAME are continuing to occupy shuttered stores across the Republic of Ireland to protest at the unfair and disrespectful treatment by their former employers. The Workers Solidarity Movement fully support the workers in this direct-action. Here is an interview with the staff in Cork's Patrick Street store, Liam Duggan and Amanda.

Anti-Household Tax Rally Draws Hundreds in Cork


A bumper crowd of over 400 crammed into the largest function room of Cork's Metropole Hotel to be part of a rally to mark the end of the first phase of the campaign waged against the government's 'Household Charge'. The rally began with a humorous and topical song composed by a campaign supporter, John Murphy, then several speeches from the top table, and was followed by an 'open mike' session where members of the attendance expressed their outrage, anger, and defiance over the imposition of the Household Tax and the implementation of the austerity agenda.

Cork: Cinema Night - Double-bill – Killing Us Softly & Mother Jones @solidaritybooks


Join us Thursday, 29th March at Solidarity Books for a double-bill screening of “Killing Us Softly 4: Advertising’s Image of Women (2010) – Jean Kilbourne”, followed by “Mother Jones: America’s Most Dangerous Woman (2007) – Rosemary Feurer and Laura Vazquez” (details of film below).

Start time is 8pm.

All welcome, donations appreciated.

Building Democracy: All Cork Delegate Meeting Against the Household Tax


The Campaign Against the Household and Water Tax (CAHWT) is on the cusp of a very significant victory – as indicated by the recent announcement that less than 20% of households in the Republic had registered with the Government to pay the new unjust tax.  This low level of compliance with Government orders is clear evidence that the Campaign has managed to tap into a rich seam of discontent.  Admittedly these are early days and the struggle has a while to go yet, but nonetheless it is an important and notable success.

International Women's Day 2012 Celebration at Solidarity Books


As has happened for the last two years, Solidarity Books and Cork WSM hosted an event on the 8th of March to celebrate International Women's Day. This year, Cork WSM members and other activists got together to put on an evening of food, film and discussion in the city's premier radical bookshop and meeting space. Meals were prepared on site and served by Veg Out! and Lentil Disorder, and was enjoyed by a multitude of women and men from the Cork activist scene and beyond. The food fuelled an hour or more of convivial chat, as people reminisced over previous celebrations and cast an eye over feminist-themed displays in various places about the shop space.

Cork: Cinema Night - Soldier Girls (1981) - Nick Broomfield 8pm Thurs March 15th @solidaritybooks


Our "Women in Struggle" series continues this 15th March at Solidarity Books with a screening of "Soldier Girls (1981) " - Nick Broomfield (details of film below). Start time is 8pm. All welcome, donations appreciated. Soldier Girls (1981) "This is a 'direct cinema' documentary, slice of life, all shot fly-on-the-wall as it happens, without interviews or voice-overs.

Cork: Veg out! @solidarity books this Tuesday at 7pm - all donations to CAHWT


We had a mad mardi gras, lots of banana pancakes. We're now officially in the season of Lent. We're not into giving 'bad' things up, but we are in favor of taking 'good' things on. If you feel like you need to participate then why not start to eat well and look after your community by coming along this Tuesday, from 7pm till 9pm, and join us in a home-made meal (sweets, teas and coffees too if you like) for only five euros (or whatever you can pay/swap/donate). The money collected will go to supporting the Campaign Against Household and Water Tax. 

Cork: Government Tax Put In The Bin!


In Cork the mobilisation for the National Day of Action against the Household and Water Tax saw a lively and noisy crowd of over 500 hundred march through the centre of Cork City.  At the rally beforehand members from some of the local areas involved in the Campaign in Cork took advantage of the open mic forum to explain why they opposed the tax.  Speakers from Farranree, Bishopstown and Cobh declared their intention not to register or pay the tax.  The fact that the tax is unjust and will rise sharply in a short period of time was highlighted.  It was also pointed out that the proposed Water Tax which will follow shortly on the heels of the Household Tax is also a major threat.  The proposed Water Tax in itself will be a major burden and one that will hit the majority households harshly.

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