3rdDublin Anarchist Bookfair 2008


Building on the success of the last two years Dublin's third annual Anarchist bookfair will take place on the 15th March in Dublin at the Teachers Club Parnell sq. More info as it becomes available at

Report on Autumn 2007 WSM National Conference


The Workers Solidarity Movement held its Autumn 2007 National Conference in Dublin on the 3rd/4th November. National conferences take place every six months and are the prime decision making body on positions and priorities for the organisation. All WSM members can attend, vote and submit motions and amendments either as individuals or as groups.

Mobilise for Rossport Day of Action, November 9th 2007


The Workers Solidarity Movement is urging anarchists and other supporters of Shell To Sea to get to Rossport for the day-of-action on November 9th. WSM members will join people from around the country in showing, one year since Gardai batoned protesters, that we will not be intimidated.

Report on Spring 2007 National Conference


The Workers Solidarity Movement held its Spring 2007 National Conference in the Teachers' Club at the end of April. Our conference saw around 70% of the membership attending with many new faces since our last conference 6 months ago.

Full list of amended papers from this conference is below

Short Term Perspectives -
Constitution -
Trade Unions (short term) -
International -
Partition Of Ireland -
Publications -

Miss D, the right to choose and the WSM


The 'Miss D' case put in context with the struggle in Ireland for women to have full control over their own bodies and the position taken by the WSM on this issue. A few weeks ago, a 17 year old girl, 4 months pregnant, known as 'Miss D' was brought before the courts to determine whether or not she should be allowed to travel to England for an abortion. The baby she was carrying had been diagnosed with anencephaly, a condition that leads to still-births. The longest an infant has survived outside the womb with this condition is a few days. Yet the Irish government were unwilling to let Miss D have an abortion, denying Miss D's basic human rights under the guise of 'letting the baby die with dignity'.

Głos jego pana


Rząd robiąc kozła ofiarnego z emigrantów zachęca rasistowskie zbiry

WSM Supports Direct Action Against RAYTHEON.


The Workers Solidarity Movement supports the actions of the anti-war protestors who occupied and sabotaged American arms manufacturer Raytheon's Derry offices. Protesters occupied the plant for eight hours.

Workers Solidarity Statement on the Pitstop Ploughshares 5 court victory


The Workers Solidarity Movement congratulates the Pitstop Ploughshares 5 on their victory in court, and congratulates the jury who delivered a verdict which placed a greater value on Iraqi lives than on US warplanes.

WSM greetings to IWU conference


The 3rd conference of the Indepedent Workers Union took place in Dublin Saturday April 9. The Workers Solidarity Movement extended our solidarity and ongoing support for the work of the IWU.

1st Dublin Anarchist Bookfair - 2006


The first Dublin anarchist bookfair was held in the Nicholas Myra community hall in the Liberties.  Much of the information below was retrieved from the blogspot used to promote that bookfair.

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