May 2006

Relations with other left groups in Ireland


The Workers Solidarity Movement administration document on Relations with other left groups in Ireland.

Made in 1990s, last amended at WSM National Conference, July 2017.

An anarchist look at V For Vendetta


V for Vendetta was originally a graphic novel written in the 80's by Alan Moore about a man taking on a fascistic regime and promoting "Anarchy". The comic was full of choice quotes on the nature of the state, justice and the struggle for a free society. The main character, "V", is an 18th century style "propaganda by the deed" anarchist who spends his time blowing up buildings and murdering people, it's all very exciting if not somewhat cliché.

Report of Spring 2006 WSM National Conference


The Workers Solidarity Movement recently held its Spring 2006 conference in Dublin. The conference was comparatively low key with debates on a number of details of position papers in comparison to recent conferences that spent much of the time on major redrafts of position papers. Around two thirds of the membership attended.

Conference opens with questioning the reports given by various office holders, editorial committees etc. A summary of these reports follows - quite a lot of details and indeed areas involving relationships with other groups have been removed, as these were not written for public consumption.

Protest against education cuts


Join the protest outside the South East Education & Library Board headquarters at 1pm on Thursday June 1st.

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