August 2009

March to support Dublin port strikers


Show your support for the MTL strikers

Monday August 10th: gather at 10.30am at either
Ray's Shop, Sean Moore Road, Ringsend
Seabank bar, East Wall Road

We will join up at the East Link bridge and then march together to support the strikers at the MTL depot.

Organised by the Dublin Port Workers Support Group

A Victory for the Thomas Cook Workers is a Victory for Us All


In a bid to close its outlets in Ireland, the Thomas Cook travel agents has begun by attempting to sack 44 workers at its two offices located on North Earl St. and Grafton St. in Dublin’s city centre.

Demonstration in support of arrested Thomas Cooke workers


Demonstration at Four Courts at 1p.m., Tuesday 4th August

Dublin march against cutbacks in community services


"As part of SIPTU's campaign a major protest is being organised against the critical underfunding in the sector and the savage cuts proposed by Colm McCarthy’s “Bord Snip Nua” report.

"We are encouraging all workers, activists and communities to make every effort to show you support on:

Wednesday 30th September
Parnell Square, Dublin 1

Anarchist Pic-nic


A day of fun, talk, food and drink at the great outdoors for Anarchist and friends.

Thomas Cooke workers show the way - Don’t be bullied by state or bosses


When a force of 80 – 100 gardai arrived at the Thomas Cooke office in Grafton Street Dublin at 5a.m. on Tuesday 4th August, smashed the door down, and dragged 28 protesting workers off to the Bridewell Garda Station, the Irish state was attempting to deliver a strong message to all workers.

Strike support march shuts down MTL


SIPTU members at the MTL depot in Dublin Port have been on strike since the beginning of July, resisting forced redundancies and pay cuts. The company shipped in scabs from the North and Britain on day one to steal the dockers’ jobs, and also got a High Court injunction preventing effective picketing. The Port Workers Support Group (local trade union & community activists, including the Workers Solidarity Movement) held its second march of solidarity today (Monday August 10th).

WSM Supports March for Marriage


Sunday, August 9 saw over 5,000 demonstrators take part in a march support of an equal marriage status for gay couples. The ‘March for Marriage’ was organised by lobby group LGBT Noise, and was supported by the LGBT community, heterosexuals, and political groups, including the Worker’s Solidarity Movement (WSM).

Meaningful Democracy is more than an annual vote


It’s the time of year where we plebs get a chance to rectify our impertinence in rejecting the Lisbon Treaty. In itself, rerunning the referendum is hardly an affront to democracy. After all, people are simply being asked to confirm the decision made.

March to support striking Dublin dockers


The SIPTU strikers at MTL in Ringsend are still holding out against the giant Peel Ports Group, and are asking YOU to join their demonstration on Monday August 24th. This is a strike for all of us - it's about saying no to wage cuts and job losses in a very profitable firm.

MTL have brought in scabs to break the strike and have employed the ex-SAS 'security' firm Control Risks to intimidate strikers.

With enough support we can beat them. Solidarity is our strongest weapon.

The IRA and Armed Struggle by Rogelio Alonso


Unlike most literature on the ‘conflict’ in the North, this book assesses the impact and effectiveness of the armed struggle. It devotes significant attention towards the motivations of men and women who joined the IRA and the rigid hierarchal structures which underpinned the organisation to explaining the eventual outcome and ineffectiveness of the armed struggle.

WSM twitter coverage of Dublin docks struggles


We are using the WSM twitter account to provide you with live updates from WSM members involved in this struggle and to let you know of developments and new information as soon as we become aware of them.

SIPTU members at the MTL depot in Dublin Port have been on strike since the beginning of July, resisting forced redundancies and pay cuts. The company shipped in scabs from the North and Britain on day one to steal the dockers’ jobs, and also got a High Court injunction preventing effective picketing. We will be using the WSM twitter account to provide live updates from the struggle.

Interview: Impressions of the North American anarchist movement


An interview with Andrew Flood about the impressions of the North American anarchist movement he formed during his 2007/2008 44 city tour of the US and Canada. The interviews ends with questions about the comparison of the movement in Ireland with that in Britian and the promotion of anarchism via the internet. This was submitted and published in Black Flag.

Anarchism in Berlin and struggles there today audio download


An interview with Shane, a member of the Berlin anarchist media group about conditions in the city and the anarchist movement there.

Interview with anarchist squatter in Berlin - Kopi 2009 by Andrew Flood on Mixcloud

‘Scabs Out. Dockers In’: Mass Trespass at MTL shows strength of support for striking workers


Several hundred protestors chanting ‘Scabs out. Dockers In’ engaged in a mass trespass on the premises of Marine Terminals Ltd. in Dublin’s docklands yesterday morning (24th August).

Interview with Thomas Cook worker on occupation of Dublin office


Dublin football fans will want to forget the August Bank Holiday weekend as the Dubs failed to perform in Croke Park against the might of the Kingdom. But one group of Dublin workers are unlikely to forget the 5 days from Friday 31st July to Tuesday 4th August. When the workers in the Thomas Cook office at the top of Grafton Street in Dublin’s city centre went to work as usual on the Friday morning little did they realise that before going home again they would spend 3 days and (almost) 4 nights in occupation of their workplace, that they would be hauled off at 5a.m. in the morning of the 4th night by a force of 80 – 100 gardai who blocked off the street and battered in the door as if they were on the trail of a dangerous terrorist group, and that they would spend several hours held in the Bridewell Garda station before finally being released by the High Court and allowed to go home.

The occupation of Thomas Cook


On Friday 31st July workers at Thomas Cook occupied the shop on Grafton street. Management got a court injunction against the occupation and on Monday morning a huge force of Gardai sealed off the area, smashed their way into the shop and arrested the 28 workers inside.

Community Development Projects protest Tuesday 8th September


CDP - Call to Action

Tuesday 8th September
SIPTU, Liberty Hall, Eden Quay, Dublin 1

‘Sicko’ at Leas Cross


The report into the Leas Cross Nursing home scandal was a shocker. Elderly patients were dying in unexplained circumstances; others had open and infected sores which were left untreated; others still were being restrained and held against their wishes. Odd though isn’t it, given the uproar about what went on there, that so little attention was focused on the businessman who ran Leas Cross. There’s a reason for that.

A good man with sheds and fences...


John Fleming, the west Cork businessman who began his career making sheds and ended up owing the banks €1 billion – the tab for which we will be picking up, no doubt – is a great example of how the other half is dealing with the recession. Whereas you and I have to pinch and scrape, John Fleming can still call on plenty of spare coins – despite his massive debt.