October 2009

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Public & private space -RadioSolidarity1


The first in a series of radio shows, produced by the Workers Solidarity Movement. This show is themed around the issue of public and private space. In particular we look at an autonomous social centre, Seomra Spraoi in Dublin.

We also look at the experiences of anarchists in Boston USA, who are helping people actively resist being evicted from there homes as a result of the "credit crisis" as well as the Irish government attack on ordinary people at this time. The panel includes WSM members and Mick Byrne from the Seomra Spraoi collective

Anarchisme, insurrections et insurrectionnisme


L'insurrection - le soulèvement armé du peuple - a toujours été proche du coeur de l'anarchisme. Les premiers documents programmatiques du mouvement anarchiste ont été rédigés par Bakounine et un groupe d'insurrectionnistes républicains de gauche européens lorsqu'ils se rapprochèrent de l'anarchisme en Italie dans les années 1860. Cette démarche ne marqua pas une rupture avec l'insurrectionnisme mais avec le républicanisme de gauche, peu après que Bakounine eut participé à une insurrection à Lyon, en 1870.

Dublin Shell to Sea fundraiser


Dublin Shell to Sea are holding a Race Night in Brokers (The Mercantile) on Dame Street on the 10th of October at 8pm. It promises to be a great night so please come along.

Seomra Spraoi Café Concert: French Pipes & Sarod : Dublin


Featuring Ciaran Murphy & Thierry Michel
Wednesday 14th October

March with Coca-Cola strikers


12 noon on Wednesday 14th October

March from Liberty Hall Dublin to the Coca Cola head office in Baggot Street

Organised by SIPTU

All welcome

Social Solidarity Network Follow-up meeting - please note change of date


Following on from the successful first meeting of the Social Solidarity Network meeting on Saturday 3rd October, a follow up meeting will be held on MONDAY 19TH OCTOBER at 8:00PM in SEOMRA SPRAOI, 10 Belvidere Court, Dublin 1 (See http://www.seomraspraoi.org:8080/Plone/copy_of_contact-us for map). (Please note change of date)

Red & Black Revolution 15



The 'War on Drugs' in Belfast


Early this year, members of Belfast WSM and ex Black Panther Ashanti Alston met representatives from Concerned Families against Drugs (CFAD)

Coca Cola workers march on company HQ


STRIKING workers at Coca-Cola HBC Ireland let bosses know they are not giving up this week. Around 700 protestors marched from Liberty Hall to the company’s HQ on Baggot St. on Wednesday, 14 October. The march was organised by SIPTU and supported by trade unionists, left groups, and the Workers Solidarity Movement (WSM).

Rupert Murdoch and the Western Media


Murdochs Empire is not simply just a commercial profit – fuelled industry, but a tool and psychological weapon that is used to cater for acceptance of a certain political agenda.If we, as a movement want people to support our ideas and begin to realise the true ills of capitalism, they have to become aware of people like Rupert Murdoch, and the power individuals it can have over influencing the way people think

Cork: Southern Africa Anarchism and Contemporary Social Struggles


The Cork branch of the Workers Solidarity Movement are hosting the visit of an anarchist comrade from South Africa, and are holding a public meeting in the Victoria Hotel, Patrick St., Cork, at 8. p.m. on Tuesday the 27th of October called 'Anarchism and Contemporary Social Struggles in Southern Africa'

RAG abortion film screening - audio recording & review


On Saturday evening at Semora Spraoi RAG were screened two abortion rights documentaries, 'The Coat Hanger Project' and 'Abortion Democracy : Poland/South Africa'. The makers of both documentaries were present so the screenings were introduced by them and there was a wide ranging discussion after the films had been show. The audio of the introductions can be listened to below.

Dublin: Dayschool on Capitalist Crisis and the Left Alternative


Dayschool on Capitalist Crisis and the Left Alternative

Saturday November 7th, 10am – 4pm

Central Hotel, Exchequer St, Dublin

Dublin: Images of Resistance - Iraq and Beyond - photo exhibition


This exhibition has been extended until Oct.30th.

UNITE trade union hall
55 Middle Abbey Street
Dublin 1

Monday to Thursday: 11am - 4pm
Fridays: 11am - 3pm

Admission is free

A collaboration of the work of many photographers including serving and former soldiers, the main purposes of this exhibition is to help raise consciousness and awareness in the public of the opposition to wars, the plight of the people in war torn countries, the real reasons behind wars, the effects of war and also to show the situations soldiers find themselves in.
Many of the images come from war zones including Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine.

Greens & FF seek to impose water tax again


The Greens and Fianna Fáil have agreed a deal whereby a €225 flat tax will be levied on every household, regardless of income. The levy is expected to generate nearly €300 million a year in revenue. For families which are just barely scraping by, a levy of €225 a year is a serious attack.

London: The struggle against Shell in Mayo


WSM member Andrew Flood will present a talk for Dublin Shell to Sea on the struggle in Erris against Shell.

South African Anarchist to speak in Dublin and Cork


Hear a first hand account of Social Struggles in South Africa since the fall of Apartheid. Hear about the strikes and community revolt, and how normal people are fighting back! With a guest speaker from the Zabalaza ACF.

Dublin: 100 Years of Liberty Hall


A seminar to mark the centenary of the foundation of the ITGWU
Saturday 31 October
Liberty Hall, Dublin 1

South African anarchist speaks in Cork


October 26th the Cork branch of the Worker’s Solidarity Movement hosted a talk by South African anarchist and ZABALAZA Anarchist Communist Front (ZACF) member, Jonathan. The ZACF is an organisation of anarchist individuals from South Africa who identify with the communist tradition within Anarchism. The front is organised around the principles of theoretical and tactical unity, collective responsibility and federalism. Their activities include study and theoretical development, anarchist agitation and propaganda, and participation within the class struggle.

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