11th Dublin Anarchist Bookfair - audio & video now online - April 15-16th 2016


ANNOUNCEMENT - Dublin Anarchist Bookfair 2017 & April 23 Anarchist Gathering


Every year hundreds of people attend the Dublin Anarchist Bookfair for a day of inspiring discussions and the opportunity of meeting lots of other radicals, browsing books and meeting campaigns.  This page advertised thE 2016 bookfair and is now being used to archive it and list the video and audio recordings. The announcement and details of the 12th Bookfair will appear here (if it happens, see announcment above)

THE 11 Dublin Anarchist Bookfair took place Saturday 16th of April around Smithfield square, there was also a major event on the Friday night in the Teachers Club, 35 Parnell Square.

On the Saturday the book & campaign stalls were in The Generator on the east side of Smithfield square, doors open at 9.30 for setup, 10.00 for early browsing.  The meetings were also in two pubs, the Cobblestone at the top (north) of the square and Frank Ryans which is just off the South West corner on Queen st. 

Our meetings and panels over the weekend
Eyewitnesses accounts of the Rojava Revolution with Janet Biehl - [Watch the video]

[PDF of Saturdays Timetable]

Environmental crisis, environmental struggles (with Janel Biehl) - [Watch the video]
Rebuilding Trade Unions from below - [Listen to the Audio]
Challenging the Special Criminal Court - 11.00 Ryans

Remembering 1916 Together: Anarchist Perspectives - [Watch the Video]
Struggles against racism - Traveller, migrant, and direct provision perspectives - [Listen to the Audio]
Errico Malatesta in 10 words with author Davide Turcato - 12.30 Ryans

Experiences of Feminist Struggle - past, present and global - [Watch the Video
Debating Basic income - 14.00 Cobblestone - [Listen to the Audio]
IWW members meeting - 14.00 Ryans

Community Resistance and Grassroots Activism - [ Watch the video ]
Bodily Autonomy at the Intersections - [ Listen to the Audio ]
Drug Criminalisation: effects on society and autonomy  - Ryans, 15.30

Getting organised for Anarchism with the WSM - 18.00 Cobblestone

After party - The Cobblestone - doors open 19.00, Performances from/by "Capitalism The Musical" "Third Fermen" and "The Vulture Collective" -  followed by DJ/karaoke

Stalls at this years Anarchist bookfair included
PM Press
Rebel Books
AK press
Abortion Rights Campaign
Dublin ABC
Freedom Bookshop
Anti-Internment Ireland
Grupo Raices (Colombia Solidarity) & Kobani Group
Dublin Squatters
Special Criminal Court campaign
Glasgow Anarchist Federation
Basic Income Ireland
Catalyst Collective
Save Moore Street
T.C., Commemorative Committee
Irish Labour History Society
Stoneybatter & Smithfield peoples history project
Alliance for Animal Rights

There is no admission charge DABF but donations are always welcome

Be sure to join the DABF 2016 Facebook event and help
with our promotion by inviting your friends
and tweeting with #DABF

Please email all queries to bookfair@wsm.ie


Make a donation towards the bookfair costs

The Dublin Anarchist Bookfair is costing about 4,000 euro to put on this year. The costs include flights for speakers, hiring the venues & tables and printing programs & posters.  All of the organisers are unpaid volunteers contributing hundreds of hours of labour between them.  Their work and your donations mean that there is no entry charge for any of the events except the Afters Party.

Any donation you can make towards the costs is welcome. 





A big thanks to the Dublin Anarchist Bookfair volunteers who helped us assemble posters last night ahead of putting them around the city this weekend. The bookfair is only possible because of the work of people who volunteer to help with the work on the day and in advance, if you want to volunteer make sure you are registered on our email system at www.wsm.ie/user/registerWe hope to circulate the full timetable of meetings at the bookfair tomorrow, make sure you are on the FB event to see that and other updates. Details are also on our website at www.wsm.ie/bookfair

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To give you an idea of what to expect, links to older bookfair pages below

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