TEEU call for campaign of civil disobedience


Technical, Engineering & Electrical Union (TEEU) call for a campaign of civil disobedience. Union members overwhelmingly endorsed the emergency motion at their conference this morning.

The trade union movement will not “acquiesce in the ruination of our society” said general secretary Eamonn Devoy. He also said that we are on the brink of significant civil unrest. The call for mass civil disobedience comes just a week before the ICTU mass mobilisation for November 27th in Dublin. The march has been called by ICTU according to David Begg “to allow ordinary working people to voice their opposition to a policy that could destroy 90,000 more jobs in the short term and the prospect of any long term prosperity.”

The massive groundswell of anger in the population is pushing the trade union leadership to take an ever more militant public stance. Throughout the country people are crying out for opportunity to vent their anger. The Workers Solidarity Movement will be mobilising for this demonstration and the many others occurring now around the country. Demands will have to go beyond the resignation of this government and tactics beyond marching if any real change is to come.