Against The Wall – Activist To Visit Cork


Leiser Peles, a prominent Israeli opponent of the massive wall that Israel is building on Palestinian land in the Occupied West Bank will speak in Cork on Thursday night. Mr. Peles is a member of Anarchists Against The Wall, an Israeli - Palestinian organisation established in 2003 to build solidarity with the Palestinians in their struggles.Since its formation AATW has participated in hundreds of demonstrations and direct actions against the wall, and in particular has been involved in the key struggle around the village of Bil’in, located approximately 12 kilometers west of the city of Ramallah in the Palestinian West Bank. At Bil’in many protestors against the wall have been shot at and beaten by the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). Leiser Peles himself was severely beaten by the Israeli military just before Christmas in 2005 after going to the aid of a Palestinian protestor.

Important Victory

Just recently (in early September) the villagers at Bil’in won an important victory when the Israeli High Court released a decision ordering the military to move the route of the wall which it built on the lands of the village of Bil’in. The struggle at this small village typified what is at stake for the Palestinian community that lives in this area,. The proposed Israeli wall would have severed the town of Bil’in from more than 60% of the land normally used and worked on by the villagers. Moreover it was proposed to give this stolen land to Israeli developers to construct illegal new settlements on Palestinian lands.

In a speech to mark this important victory for Bil’in, Basel Mansour, a representative of the Popular Committee of Bil'in, paid tribute to AAWA and those Israeli activists who had offered solidarity. He said:

“You came to us without considering the consequences … By way of this shared journey, we proved … that Israelis can stand beside Palestinians and live with them in peace and security, and even struggle with them against injustice and occupation, on the fundamental basis that this occupation is an enemy of humanity.”

The meeting will take place on Thursday night, November 1st at 8 pm in the Metropole Hotel, MacCurtain Street, Cork. It is hosted by Workers Solidarity Movement and all are welcome.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Kevin Doyle at 087-6805517 or 021-4503262