Anarchists urge united campaign against cuts


Press release: Anarchists urge united campaign against cuts

“We need to build a united campaign aimed at making the wealthy pay” (Gregor Kerr)

Anarchist organisation, Workers Solidarity Movement (WSM), has called on “workers, the unemployed, trade union branches, community organisations and all who are angry with the government’s economic slash and burn policies to come together and build a united campaign against the cuts.”

Speaking as the WSM prepares to join the Anti Capitalist Bloc which will assemble at the Wolfe Tone Statue, St. Stephen’s Green on Tuesday evening at 7p.m., Gregor Kerr WSM spokesperson said “The government is determined to make ordinary workers pay for the economic crisis through wage cuts, cuts in services, unemployment and forced emigration.  They will only be stopped when ordinary people come together and build a united campaign aimed at making the wealthy pay.”

The Anti Capitalist Bloc, jointly organised with socialist republican organisation Eirígí, has been called to coincide with the Right To Work protest which will take place at Dáil Eireann at 7:30 on Tuesday.  The Bloc will assemble at St. Stephens Green before marching past Anglo Irish Bank, where a short protest will be held, and continuing on to Dáil Eireann.

“Protests like this are very important,” Mr. Kerr continued, “they provide a focus for public anger against government policies.  Just as importantly however we need to work in our workplaces, communities, trade unions and everywhere we go to build a united campaign of people power which will boldly declare - ‘They didn't share the wealth, we won’t share the pain. Make the rich pay for the crisis.’

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For confirmation/further information please contact WSM PRO Gregor Kerr on 086 1501151

Note to Editor:- Workers Solidarity Movement (WSM) is an Irish anarchist organisation with branches in Dublin and Cork and members in several other places around the country.  WSM members are actively involved in many community and trade union campaigns, and have been involved at local and workplace level in building opposition to the government bailout of bankers and developers.

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