Anti-choice dirty tricks - fake posters removed in Dublin


With the referendum not even definitively announced the anti-women bigots are already up to dirty tricks. This image of fake posters removed from Dublin's Pearse st this morning was tweeted by Sharon ✨ @sharmander_says a couple of hours ago. If you spot similar posters we suggest you remove them and message us a photo and the location and time they were spotted.  We would also be very interested in any information on who put these up.

This just underlines the importance of a massive turnout on Saturday's March for Choice, Parnell sq, 14.00.

We can expect a lot more of this in the months ahead, all the more so because such trickery is typical of the current wave of 'alt-right' fascism. The 1983 referendum saw people physically attacked by anti-choice bigots on many occasions and Saturday is an opportunity to show them that this time around they won't get away with it.

We've see far right bigots pull a number of stunts like this in recent years, both online and with posters and stickers. They set up fake pages during the Marriage equality referendum, their was the fake Repeal jumper at last years March for Choice, and we've seen fake anti-racist as well as other fake pro-choice posters in Dublin.  Or the fake pregnancy advise clinics in Dublin and Belfast alongside the repeated claims of ridiculously inflated attendences for their protests. They certainly take their own supporters for complete fools.